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Wedding gift ideas - ARGH help please!

Hi everyone,

I get married next October and cannot wait! However i'm totally stuck for what to buy my lovely H2B for his present to open on the morning of our wedding. These are the things i have considered and the reasons why they won't make a brilliant present:

- a watch - he wears a lovely (and very expensive!) watch that his parents bought him for his 21st birthday. Although it was many years ago he says he wouldn't wear another watch.

- Jewellry - he doesn't wear any other jewellry at all so this would be totally pointless.

- A photoshoot album - I asked him about this but he feels really strongly about women taking their clothes off to be photographed (I know it would be me and i'm hardly a glamour model, but...!) so he wouldn't like that.

- He plays the guitar so i thought i'd buy him a new electric one as he already has a ovely acoustic and bass but again he said the one that he has is his fave and wouldn't want to play another one.

So basically i'm really stuck!! He's so bloody difficult - typical man!!!

Please help me!! xx


  • Hey,

    Have you thought of going down the more sentimental route? You could make a photo book of your memories...write little notes and add photos and momentos from your time together, your dreams for the future etc. This company do them, Im considering doing it myself but I've heard of other 'For my groom' books too. I suppose it depends whether he's a bit of a romantic at heart could just get him a few bits and doesn't have to be expensive to be thoughtful..a little box filled with a card saying how much you love him and to meet you at the alter (if a church wedding!), lovely soft angora socks to stop him getting cold feet, a cotton hanky embroidered with both your initials (in case you cry!), some silk boxer shorts, a mini bottle of his favourite tiple (for some dutch courage..not that he should need it ha!), a compilation of his favourite music for him to get ready to on the wedding morning....basically anything little like this that shows you've thought about him. Put it all in a lovely box with tissue paper lining and wrapped with a lovely ribbon and have it delivered to his room the evening before. Hope that helps!
  • Miss_PenguinMiss_Penguin Posts: 1,020
    My bloke didn't expect to have any presents. I bought him some new socks and pants and a box of Cuban cigars and a little clock.

    A money clip might be nice, and could be engraved if you wanted. Tiffany do them but you can get them cheaper elsewhere.
  • SuzywhoSuzywho Posts: 212
    I'm getting married on Saturday and all I bought my h2b is some boxers, cufflinks, aftershave and matching shower gel. I have also put together a gift bag for the night before our wedding (as he will be on his own) and have put a blu-ray, sweets and drink in it for him. xx
  • Oh just saw this too..its a bit naff and cheesey but a thoughtful little gift to go in a pressie box for a guitar can make a personalised guitar pick for him!
  • What about some sort of gift experience? Like driving a porche (or whatever car he'd like) or hot air balloon, etc. Or a little box of goodies like socks, cufflinks, mints, Kalms, etc.
  • I read about this in a book and thought what a lovely idea it was. The couple had a beautiful leather bound book in which they each wrote a letter to each other every year on their anniversary. That way you have something that records your feelings, hopes and dreams and something to look back on during the tough times. I am getting one and writing on the first page for my h2b. xxx
  • mrsgLmrsgL Posts: 682
    i have put a box of little gifts together for my h2b. inside ive put some socks( so you dont get cold feet) and a pair of personalised groom boxers, my fav afetrshave that i love him wearing (hugo boss), a watch, some of his fav sweets and some red bull and a few other little things. ive also included a beautiful poem that tells him exactly what he means to me, think i will make up a little ablum, including some pics of us thoughout our relationship, some love letters etc.

    i like the sentimental gifts xx
  • LWebb500LWebb500 Posts: 12
    I have the same issue with my chap but have tried to think of stuff that is more sentimental. I'm either going to buy some sort of experience - we've been on a hot air balloon flight which was fantastic and I'd recommend. But as we've done that, I was thinking of hiring a DeLorean for the day (car from Back to the Future) which I know he'd love. Or 2nd idea is to sponsor a stone at Lincoln Cathedral as he's quite into history and we go to the Christmas market there each year. They give you a certificate, a map showing where your stone is and I think your name is recorded in the Cathedral somewhere. You can choose from a plain one to carved ones, ones with faces on etc. This is a pressie that will last beyond our marriage for many hundreds of years which is a pretty cool thought and you get all soppy each time you visit. Other places do similar schemes. Hope that's some more ideas!
  • Ah girls,thanks so much for all the ideas!! Wow - i'm glad i put this post up now!!! Well now i guess i just have to have a good think about it all now - do i go with something he can keep for forever and ever or something he can use for the immediate and be helpful.Decisions decisions but thank you all so much xxx
  • He is really a hard man, have you considered buying a book for him?
  • Hello Trader2010, my partner has just finished a PhD so i think he is sick of the sight of books! Actually i tell a lie, he reads all of the time and to be honest he buys a lot of books himself as he has such a varied taste. He is particularly difficult to buy for in terms of buying something very special for him! However the ideas that are above have really got me thinking so i'm going to have a look at what has been suggested and turn that into something special for him, because he really is a special man! (and difficult to buy for!) xx
  • I got my man one of these last year - a photobook, but on your wall. I just collected photos from the last few years we had been together and they montaged it together. It's up in our bedroom and not a saucy shot in sight!
  • I've been thinking about this the last few days and as he loves bulldogs (his grandparents always had them) I think I'm going to get him some bulldog cufflinks to wear on the day. Dunhill do some gorgeous ones - pricey but I reckon he's worth it! image
  • I have bought a framed CD of our first dance song. You can get them with a personalised message from I also found it so difficult deciding as he doesn't wear jewellery etc but wanted him to have something to keep.
  • I'm gonna get my H2B an engraved hipflask - complete with whisky inside already.

    It's something I know he'll love - and probably need on the morning of our wedding too image
  • give him a little surprise - how you two met and getting married in comic -
  • hilsvnhilsvn Posts: 118
    Hi Guys, I have just finished making my man a Memory slide show set to a very beautiful song that he actually chose for one of our wedding songs, (but im not using in the wedding). Im going to suprise him in the middle of the reception. Everytime i watch it i get teary! what a mess i will be on the day!

    Good luck! x
  • Ha, i know how you feel.

    I posted a thread on here the other day about a Grooms gift. I had seen some personalised cufflinks on and I wanted some opinions about them. I think they're a lovely idea to keep forever but if thats may be not his thing i also saw keyrings you can have personalised with the date of the wedding or something. plenty of food for thought now! good luck!
  • lucy_lu83lucy_lu83 Posts: 2,484
    I bought my hubby this as he loves travelling, he loved it!
  • I'm so glad i asked about this because there are so many good ideas here. Thanks so much girls xx
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