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Hi ladies (& gents!!)

We have just started looking at suit hire for our wedding in March, and were wandering who traditionally pays for the mens wedding attire?

Also, is it traditional that both the groom and brides dad wear the same outfit as the best men etc?

Thanks in advance for any help!!


  • MrsBxMrsBx Posts: 980

    We paid for all the suits but as we did the bridesmaid dresses. I think it all depends on your budget as it is quite common for the men to be asked to pay for them I think.

    We had everyone in the same suit. The groom had a different waistcoat to stand out but other than that everyone was the same.

    Mrs Bx
  • LJSxxLJSxx Posts: 116
    We've just bought ours. We paid for grooms and best man, but everyone else paid for their own.

    We're having my dad grooms dad, my brother, best man and the groom all in the same, but may get a different cravet or waistcoat for the groom. x

  • My husband paid for the suits which we hired from Greenwoods
  • Traditionally the groom pays for suit hire for him, bestman and any ushers and dads pay for their own.

    We paid for all the suits. They all wore the same except for groom who wore an ivory tie.

  • we are paying for them all same as bridesmaids.

    Best Man and Groom are having a different waist coat than the rest of the men.

    but again I think it depends on budgets!
  • We paid for kilt hire for BM, 2 ushers and the 2 dads as we thought that if we were dictating what people should be wearing to our wedding then we should be the ones paying for it.

    Have also paid for everything for BM's, dresses, shoes, hair and makeup plus all accessories.
  • we're paying for groom, best man, 2 ushers and both dads. Groom will have a more elaborate waistcoat and a different colour cravat.
  • All of our boys are paying for their own (5 ushers and 2 best men!) but as my mum & dad are very kindly footing the bill for the wedding and my 2 younger brothers are ushers, Mum & Dad will pay for theirs. H2b and (one of) the best men are in the RAF so will be wearing number 1's.

    We checked with them first if they minded paying for their own and none of them minded at all. Would have been nice to pay for them all but unfortunately the 6 bridesmaids and 1 flower girl took up all of that part of the budget!!xx
  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    We are paying for all the wedding party, suits and dresses all bar my dress take up 20% of our 10k budget but i had a firm idea of what i want and it came with a cost attached, our suits are £115 each and thats for hire so i couldn't possible expect anyone else to pay money towards them.
  • We've found a suit hire company on ebay for only £50 for each outfit, thats suit, cravat and waistcoat. So we're having groom, best man, usher, our son, and grooms father in matching attire. But I'd feel cheeky asking anyone to pay for their own, sadly!
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