Youngs Suit Hire

Has anyone used these? What were they like? I've read some bad reviews about Moss Bros so I was going to go with these instead providing they are reliable! xx


  • MrsJKMrsJK Posts: 463
    Hey just an opinion but I have also heard negative reviews about both, I think it depends on the individual branch as opposed to the chain. Ive seen good and bad moss bros myself.

    I need suits too so will be keeping a close eye on this thread


  • I've tried looking for reviews of my local branches of both Youngs and Moss Bros (we'd be using the Cheshire Oaks ones if we did decide to go with one of them) We're also considering Grooms of Hoole but I think they're a tad more expensive! xx
  • the suits at Moss Bros in Richmond were good, service was not great though... I haven't looked at Youngs yet, just the website, but they're quite a bit cheaper so was tempted to go with them...
  • cazanncazann Posts: 832
    We used Youngs at McArthur Glen, Mansfield. They got the size of one of the suits wrong, but we'd collected them a few days before and were able to check them and try them on. As they're a large chain, they were able to correct the mistake immediately and we had no more problems.
  • The prices do look very reasonable, which is why I'm tempted! Plus it's also very convenient. I might also check out Debenhams and Slaters...a little bit less convenient though. I am a bit worried about them getting sizes wrong. We will need 6 adult suits and a child's suits, so there is plenty of room for it to go wrong!! I can imagine this being very stressful!! image
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