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Maclaren F1 Team?



  • Miss_PitstopMiss_Pitstop Posts: 342
    We got married in a car museum about 6 months ago and my mum wrote to Mclaren on our behalf. They sent her what it sounds like some of you guys have received. As I went to school with Jenson she also tracked down his PA and he sent us a personal letter & signed photo. Mum got them framed and I was absolutely bowled over by them. I'm afraid I don't know any contact details but with the internet and a bit of searching I'm sure you can find them. Here's what they looked like when framed...

  • dsouza2bdsouza2b Posts: 71

    I know i've aasked for the details before but if anyone has them could you please send them to me? Ta!!
  • Hi guys,

    If anyone has any contact details for McLaren it would be much appreciated.

    [email protected]


    Clare. image
  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
    This info would be really useful to ms too if anyone had details? I'm clueless!!!

    [email protected]
  • Diddy_Douglas01Diddy_Douglas01 Posts: 1,232
  • Quoted:

    what did you say hun?
  • Hello,

    If i may join the bandwagon please may i have contact details for Maclaren? H2b loves watching Lewis and Jenson. With Vettel winning all the time they apparently make it worth watching still.
  • Hi everyone!!

    If anyone still has their contact details, please can I have them?

    Big THANK YOUS!!

  • Ooh, that would be amazing, does anyone know the details, if so please could you send them to me.

    [email protected]

  • Hi All,

    My H2B is also a huge Jenson Button fan - can I please have the contact address?

    [email protected]
  • DollyBDollyB Posts: 1,762 New bride
    Please could you send me the details too please! Would be much appreicated image
  • If anyone has these please could you send me them thanks
  • butler2bbutler2b Posts: 317
    iwoud also like the details please thank you

    [email protected]
  • Hi girls,

    did you get any luck with this?

    If so please can you send the details on to me too?

  • I would love the details too please image my email is [email protected]
  • Hi guys

    I emailed McLaren today but about this but they replied saying they dont do it, too big a company and all that. They said they only support registered charities and causes image
  • LittleCLittleC Posts: 435
    Oh no! I sent a letter to McLaren a few weeks ago, and I was just going to ask if anyone had any luck and how long it took for them to send anything back if they did. Thats really sad if they don't do it anymore image
  • I wouldn't bother with them! I wrote to Maclaren HQ and got a bog standard letter enclosing a pre-printed photocard and biography back of Jenson and Lewis - I had sent a blank 'wedding day' card asking if either of them could sign it as H2B and I are both huge fans. So that was really disappointing. So I thought I would try his management company - completely different address etc. What did I get back? A rather sharp letter from the same woman at Maclaren saying that I'd already had what I had asked for and there was no point trying further. She also pointed out that my wedding date was incorrect and that (news to me!) we were actually getting married in 2012, not 2013!

    I'm thinking about transferring our allegiance to Red Bull!
  • LittleCLittleC Posts: 435
    It seems that they don't make as much effort for their fans as they did a year or so ago for the original posters on this thread which is a shame. I would have been happy to get anything for H2B, but now Im thinking I probably wont get a thing! I understand they might get alot of requests but to have an attitude about it is a shame.
  • BUggabooBUggaboo Posts: 398
    If anyone still comes on here please can I have the contacts too? Thanks
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