The Mighty Boosh

Hi there,

Does anyone know how you contact Noel Fielding/Julian Barratt or even their agents.

I would love to get a signed Boosh picture for h2b but have no idea how to go about it. image


  • ls2blbls2blb Posts: 1,280
    Genius idea, mine would love this too.... through their production company?? xxx
  • that is a great idea, never mind the h2b id love this! haha. sorry i cant help but just had to say i thought the idea is a great one, any boosh fan would think thats a great gift. good luck on your search. x
  • shem83shem83 Posts: 699
    I know i think it would make his wedding day, never mind the getting married part!

    I'm going to contact their agents today to see if they have an address i can write to, hopefully if i do it now they might get round to reading it in time!

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