Anyone want to buy my FYEO boudoir package? Only £195

Hi ladies!

I booked a boudoir shoot on impulse a few months ago with FYEO - it was the Dynamic package that normally costs £295, but I got it for the bargain price of £195 as I used a recommendation from a lady on here.

Unfortunately, since booking it we've gone way over budget, and I could really do with making the money back. I know it says on the site that the bookings are non-transferable, but the lady I spoke to at FYEO said it could be if I had a b2b who could take my exact timeslot/date. booking is at 12pm on Saturday 12th Feb 2011, at their High Wycombe studio. The package includes:

???????Full makeover make-up

???????Private black-out studio

???????Full direction from your personal female photographer with lots of body sculpting poses to suit your body.

???????FYEO???? Retouching and skin smoothing

???????Private online viewing gallery

???????Your favourite photograph as a large print, gift-wrapped, 'For Your Eyes Only'.

They also told me you can bring a friend, 'for moral support', lol. Anyone interested just give me a shout,

Thanks! image


  • Being nosey, that's one print?

    How much would the extra ones be?
  • MrsJKMrsJK Posts: 463
    yeah I would like to know that too, having been stung before by 'cheap' shoot offers only to see extortionate prints/albums.
  • Yeah, it is only the one print included in the price - I'll have a look on the site and see how much it will be for extra ones (although I imagine it will be pretty pricey!).

    I'm not trying to 'sting' anyone, I'd just like to make some of my money back on an impulse buy I can't really afford!

  • MrsJKMrsJK Posts: 463
    No one said you were trying to sting anyone...but some photographers do. This is where they make their money
  • Yeah I know from experience unfortunately - my sister and I bought one of those 'family shoots' for my dad - the shoot was £20 but then framed prints were about £100 each!!

    FYEO are quite a well known company for boudoir shoots though, and they're fairly open about what you get for your money - the stuff in my first post is taken straight from their website and they do say that you only get one print. I'd love to have been able to go for one of the packages with an album, but really glad I didn't now!!

    To be honest I'm pretty resigned to having to keep it, but I thought I'd put a shout out on here in case anyone wanted to make me an offer image .
  • Companies like FYEO are quite honest about they're pricing.

    I think a decent lot of prints in with that package rolls in at £500(ish).
  • Hey there RegenncyBride,

    I would be interested in your FYEO package. I was going to book one myself but was looking at Manchester but could travel to High Wycombe as its about the same distance. Timing of shoot in Feb would be good for me too.

    Do you have a personal e-mail address I can contact you on and we can chat further then?

    Many thanks

  • No problem hun - I've snt you a PM with my email address image
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