My boudoir shoot!

I am so nervous!

I had my boudoir shoot yesterday and it was fab. I was quite unsure at first but soon got into it and didn't feel self conscious at all. I loved the hair and make up, even though the make up was a bit OTT for the camera.

I will be emailed a link in the next few days for my private online viewing gallery and I'm not sure I will have the guts to open the link! I have seen so many amazing photos on here and I'm so scared mine wont come close!

I really hope they look good.


  • AlyBallAlyBall Posts: 695
    I had my shoot last week too and being a BBB I wasn't just nervous, I was s**tting myself!!

    However, I had an absolute fab time and I couldn't recommend it enough!! I can't wait to see the photos now!!

    I'm sure you will look great, these people know how to set the lighting and everything "just so!" so you will look fabulous!!!
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