My boudoir photos :D (with link to pics)

Here they are!

What do you think? (honestly)


  • Hi Hun,

    These look good, did you feel comfortable doing them?

  • Errr, hello ridiculously hot one! I hope I look this good at mine. You look AMAZING!!!! I hope you are getting an album as I certainly wouldn't be able to choose just one! xxx
  • MrsJKMrsJK Posts: 463
    wow, very nice, I love the last one

    *boob envy*

  • i am wanting to do this but so not sure. Did you feel comfy? iv seen a couple of places that promote that anything you dont like they airbrush it out.

    btw you look great image
  • wow, just had to say loving those pics hun, I personally love the black and white and sepia, but thats just cause I love the vintage look ! Your eyes really stand out in the close up of your face, just stunning!
  • I think they look fab! x
  • I didn't want to say much initially as I wanted your own, honest opinions but I love them!

    I was so nervous about opening the link when she sent it me but WOW! I am seriously not that attractive and do not have the best body but those photos make me look amazing!

    I got there and had my hair and make up done and the three of us (me, stylist and photographer) had a drink and a chat and a laugh and then I showed them all the stuff I had taken with me and they decided what order would be best to do them in. They asked me if there was any part of my body I was unhappy with and I said that (having lost 5 and a half stone and having gone from a size 22 to a 12-14) that I was happier with my size but not happy with all my faded stretch marks, wobbly saggy skin and cellulite. They got me lying on the floor in very simple, relaxed poses and although it took me a while to "warm up" I soon gone used to it and being in my undies in front of stangers being photographed didn't feel so weird. I had 4 "outfit" changes and then they did some implied nude photos at the end with the gold sheet. They helped me get into my basque and stockings, etc and really put me at ease by keeping me laughing and joking.

    I have ordered a 6x6 album which holds 10 photos and a small photo insert on the front cover so I have to choose 11 photos, which is proving slightly difficult! I also get all 31 of those photos on a CD with copyright so I can print them as I wish. All for £285 including the shoot.

    I would really really recommend this to everyone! Not just for your h2bs but also as a boost to your own self confidence. On my way there I was constantly tempted to turn around, go home and lose my £50 deposit, but it is the best thing I have ever done! I cannot wait to find out what my h2b thinks on our wedding day. I'm hoping he loves them as much as I do!
  • Best shots (Assuming you wanted feedback to help pick which ones)

    Page 1 = 4

    Page 2 = 7 and 8

    Page 3 = 6

    Page 4 = The last one, but only if they undo the poor photoshop, it was too much and simply not needed as you look fab as it is.

    Best shot though without a doubt is Page 3 - number 6.

    The angles on this shot are just about as perfect as they can be, all others fall to the wayside compared. But that's just my opinion so don't look at it as being correct!
  • Thanks Chris.

    The 11 photos I was going to choose are;

    Page 1 - photos 1, 4, 5 and 7

    Page 2 - photos 1, 5 and 7

    Page 3 - photos 1, 4 and 6

    Page 4 - photo 4 (last one)

    The page 3, photo 6 is one of my favourites! What poor photoshopping have they done to the last photo? I like it but I'm a complete photography novice!
  • They badly smoothed your skin.

    Noticed the way the shadow falls on your face.

    The shadow moves down and then away from the light, it should move towards it angling the shape and in turn being more flattering.

    This is reinforced on your back too. There is also a big absence of detail on that image, partly also due to the black and white conversion.

    I shoot boudoir a lot and they've overdone it in a few photos.

    If you do take them ask for the originals too stating they are a little overshopped. They should be good enough to let you have them for comparison.
  • You look great! I had the same basque from masquerade, it's really pretty.

    (Edited for moronic spelling).
  • I think you look stunning, Quite alot of upside down photo's but apart from that I think its a great shoot. Well done on the huge weight loss too, you look really fantastic.
  • Wow! These are beautiful! My favourite is the last one on page 3 (close up face) I think you look like a model in it.

    I want some of these done too. Just gotta save up! x
  • Love them, particularly the veil ones image
  • Fantastic pictures (also congratulations on all that weight loss-that's what I'm heading for!!)

    Im so glad you enjoyed it. H2B will love them!!
  • WOW!!! You look amazing- and look so comfortable, I am doing my shoot in 4 weeks, ans am very nervous, but if i look half as good as yours- It'll all be worth it image

    I too have lost alot of weight- so I am doing it for myself as well as hubby to be! Well done you on your achievment!

    Congrats! xxx
  • These are absolutely beautiful!!! Well done you! You look stunning! I'm thinking of doing these too! Confidence is not high for me though, really not sure about doing it!
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