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boudoir shoot!

hello, anyone had a boudoir shoot done in the north east of england at a reasonable price? thanks in advance xx


  • hi toni, have you thought about travelling over to the north west? Loads of girls on here have used Nicola Grimshaw-Mitchell from (including me!) and she gets RAVE reviews from everyone who's been.
  • tonixxx1tonixxx1 Posts: 339
    where abouts in the north west is it? ill take a look at her site! whats the prices like? xxx
  • I second the rec for Nicola above, lovely lady, great service and my album went down VERY well with my hub! I only booked cos of all the recommendations on this forum - glad I did!

    Alex x x
  • hi toni - she's based near Bury, just north of Manchester. I paid about £450 but the shoots start from £385. I thought she was really good value considering how amazing her photos are, they're totally different from the usual boring boudoir shots i kept seeing online - they really pop! Have a look at the Before/After galleries - wow!
  • tonixxx1tonixxx1 Posts: 339
    thanks girls! ill take a look!

    any other reccomendations of any in north east? xx
  • proxy10proxy10 Posts: 188
    If you have qulity camera,ask yor friend to help you.You will get a much better feeling.
  • whats a "qulity" camera? and how is the "feeling" better? very odd...

    My shoot gave me a very good feeling thank-you very much! I had a wonderful professional Make-Over, was totally pampered and then had a fun time pretending to be a supermodel. My photos gave me a HUGE confidence boost just when I needed it most and this was totally down to how amazing I looked in the photos. I know I definately couldnt have replicated what the professionals did on the day - fancy lighting etc (and skillfull retouching!). It wasn't cheap but was worth every penny.
  • tonixxx1tonixxx1 Posts: 339
    i feel i would be more embarassed doing it infront of a friend to be honest!

    thanks for all yours thoughts loulou i will be dedfinatly looking into this xxxxxx
  • Hi Toni - I heard a while ago that FYEO are going to open a branch in Newcastle. They have studios in a few places already - they used to be really expensive, but they always have seem to be offering big discounts now. Might be worth emailing them to ask when the Newcastle one will open. Their quality is not as good as some of the other photographers I've seen on here, but they are OK. I went to Mighty Aphrodite but they are based in Reading, so may be too far away for you.
  • I'm currently thinking of booking one at gsstudios in Newcastle- Loved the look of my boudoir but could't justify the travel/expense. My friend had hers done with GS and was really happy with it so that's why am looking in to it but they don't have much on their website. Am in the process of emailing them for more info. Will let you know when I find out!

  • Oh the GS package is about £200 but not sure what that entails!

  • Anyone looking for a boudoir shoot should definatley go with nicola grimshaw mitchell.I got my photos back last week and they are truly unbelievable
  • Here's the link to the shoot I had in July with Nicola if you'd like to check out one whole set of pics from her, she was totally fab :

    user name - sarahdownes

    password 130710

    I know people have said people shouldn't put their pics up here for all to see but my Hubbie shows everyone who walks into the house the album so I have no shame in showing people them....x
  • Ms_NatalieMs_Natalie Posts: 1,997
    I checked out your photos earlier nowmrsashley and it made my mind up to book nicola! did you take many things with you?

    the pic with the wedding dress material around your hips? did they provide that? stunning photos.

    can't wait image
  • She provided that veil net thing and the net skirt around my waist. She has other stuff too. I took a pink corset, a black corset, a white basque and a green and black corset, white stockings and black fishnet hold ups and a pair of black high heels, and knickers to match....oh and chicken fillets to fill the corsets out lol Take your bridal shoes if you have them as I wish I had.....but I only took all cosets as I have a lot of pregnancy stretch marks on my tummy x x x
  • Just looked at the pics and they are amazing....I don't agree that they should'nt be posted for ppl to see as they are very classy....hope I can look as good x
  • I remember you posting your gallery, nowmrsashley, just had another look - they are just so beautiful!
  • charl4charl4 Posts: 143
    Hi ladies,

    Anyone know of a good Boudoir photographer near Shropshire or West Midlands????

    My H2B would love this image
  • Thank you LouLou x

    No, I agree Poshpolly...there was a thread on here by some catty girl who was basically saying why would you put semi-naked picture on here for people to see before your H2B had seen them and for potentially people to perv at (I think that's what she was getting at) I'm sure there are not loads of H2B's on here looking for Boudoir pics to perv at, but still, she made her point ( badly image )!!! x
  • You know, I have been thinking about this for ages and had seen one photographer up here in Scotland that I liked- but after I looked at Nicolas site I think I'm just going to have to book it and travel down to Bury!!
  • Do it, you won't regret it. She is very very good at what she does. The best I have seen actually, that's why I booked with her x
  • charl4charl4 Posts: 143
    Thank you NowMrsAshley

    I just had a look at urs and they are great, did it give u a confidence boost???
  • What is included in the price for the nicola grimshaw mitchell shoot?

    Do you get the hard sell afterwards???
  • Yrose2011 - no hard sell!!!! The reason I booked Nicola is that everything I wanted was included - the make-over, the shoot and a gorgeous album with 20 images in. Just before i left Nicola handed me an envelope with an order form in it in case I wanted to ever order extra prints etc. I was very wary of booking with FYEO (who I first looked at) as I know friends who've gone with their £25 shoot offer and then ended up paying WAY more than me for the same thing.
  • It gave me a bit of a boost...there were some I didn't really like, but there were a few I loved in hard Sell as Lou Lou said...x
  • Nicola is brilliant and will adapt to what you're comfortable with - she can do the cunningly covered up bits etc if you're a bit body-consious or go totally naked if you're happy but is really chatty and friendly and the package you choose is what you get, no hard sell. I opted to do my own hair and makeup as I'm a bit anal about it and there was no pressure to go with the pro makeup services etc..

    If you look on her website there is a before and after part where some people have allowed her to post a picture of them normally and one of the boudoir shots and she can make an amazing difference. One of my friends who has quite low self confidence went on a photo shoot thing like this (not boudior, just pro with a good lashing of photoshop!) and it gave her an amazing confidence boost.

    the only side effect of giving the book to my husband apart from him being dead chuffed was i also made the mistake of giving him a high spec camera (for the honeymoon etc) and he keeps trying to get me to do another 'shoot' with him!! image
  • Hi girls!

    I had my fyeo shoot a couple of weeks ago-photos are just online and I love them! They had a special deal that was £29 and included one free print! (their packages are normally £250+!!) so ive chosen one and when it arrives I'm going to frame it ready to give him image

    I completely reccomend anyone doing a fyeo shoot - it really was so much fun and inwas made rondeau so comfortable image

    I might have a £50 off voucher somewhere too...will have a look!!
  • ive got my FEYO shhot tommorrow, and i paid the same deal as iloveyounotuk - £29, how long do they stay online for? i was thinking id get the one free print, then maybe after xmas buy more - does anyone know if this would be possible?

  • Hey lovely ladies!

    I would love to do this but most of the good photographers seem far away, could anyone recommend me a good boudoir shoot in London, South area?

    Thanks xx
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