Can you recommend a photobook company....

please? I have had my boudoir shoot and just bought the copyright to all of the pics because i couldnt choose between them (!) now i have to sort myself a photobook!!!

Any recommendations gratefully recieved image



  • Photobox is reasonably priced (google for voucher codes). The results are good but the software is a bit fiddly to use. If your images are standard ratio (6x4 etc) then it should be easy. It's easy to do one per page, having multiple photos per page is where it can become more tricky.
  • Thank you...i will have a look.

    Any other recommendations???

  • i do all my photobooks from holidays through tesco, and intend to use them to do 'parent albums' from my wedding next year, instead of paying photographer costs. They do various sizes, hard and softbck, and you dont have to pay delivery if you pick up from a store. image
  • hi

    I have recently made a number of wedding albums (for parents, grandparents etc) using Jessops - CEWE photobooks and the quality is brilliant. Very quick delivery too, I ordered on the Sunday and delivered on Thursday!

    Make sure you go for the "photo paper photo book" option which is printed on much thicker paper and VERY good quality.

    They usually have a number of promotions (e.g. £10 off photo book for new members) and they are currently running 10%, 20% and 30% off depending on number of pages in the album.
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    Hi gail21uk, I've decided to have a play around on the Tesco photobook creator to have a look at making a groomsbook, but every single picture I try to put on there, it tells me the resolution is too low! What am I doing wrong? I think this is a great idea and would love to be able to pull this off! x
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    I used I had a 50 page book which is a little bit bigger than A4 and it was £40. x
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    You might already have found one, but we've used Albelli for photobooks and calendars and the quality is really good. They seem to have loads of discounts and offers on a regular basis as well.
  • I have made a few photobooks with Aldi (as in the supermarket). There is a photo section on their website.

    I found them to be much cheaper than lots of other companies for a hardback book, and I chose them because you can use your photos as backgrounds, which I found not all of them do.

    They are also really quick. I ordered my last one late on a Monday night and it had arrived by Wednesday. Great quality too!
  • I've used BootsPhoto before to make a photo book for my sister and it was brilliant. I'm using it as we speak for our honeymoon and wedding pictures. They do it through Photobox but you get Boots advantage points for doing it through Boots...score image
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    If you haven't already done this I have used snapfish for mine, I have done several through them. They are very similar to photobox and if you do a search for offer codes there are usually some available, particularly at this time of year. Saying that I have also used photobox for many things from large prints to mugs and can't fault them either. I ordered some large prints from them on Christmas eve 2 years ago and received them on 28th Dec!
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