What do you do for a stag do if the groom doesn't drink & isn't into the go ape type activities??...

My OH is wanting a stag do, i have my hen party sorted, the thing is i've been trying to give him some ideas as he says he isn't too bothered about a stag do as stag do's involve getting drunk.

I think he's been speaking to his best man but i get the feeling that nothing much is going to get planned.

We haven't the spare money for foreign holiday stag do's or even a weekend away anywhere.

i've suggested a meal & ten pin bowling, laser quest, paintballing, day/night at the dogs or races, that's where i've run out of ideas. He isnt into Go Ape & he doesn't drive or have a driving licence.

Any other ideas??


  • I don't know where you live, but is it anywhere near the fells or mountains, or peak district, dales where your man and his friends could have a day out walking or mountaineering, do you live near an Airport.

    A local airport near us offers a flying lesson for about £150 and you can take a couple of friends with you and fly over your local area?

    my husband went go karting with friends

  • liriliri Posts: 53
    My OH was exactly the same. He went to thorpe park on the Friday, did paintballing saturday morning, and went out with his friends on saturday night (he didn't drink, nobody minded). They all stayed over saturday night and went and watched football and ate pub grub sunday morning. It was fairly cheap for everyone and he enjoyed it.

    It can be done image
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    Oooh, some good ideas there. I think he just needs a good prod in the right direction!!

    We're in west yorkshire so we're fairly central to get to places (well, in the north ish area!!)
  • My H2B can't drink (bless him) he has kidney problems. I know it's not quite the right time of year but I will tell you what he is doing anyway in case you get any ideas. They are hiring a log cabin/camping and are going fishing and clay pigeon shooting. image
  • My OH went to watch the banger racing then out for a meal after as he wasn't interested in the "traditional" drunken stag do, and lots of friends and family couldn't afford to do too much. I think there is probably more pressure on men to have an "amazing and crazy" send off than women, but he should do whatever he enjoys and anyone else can come if they want!

    My best friends husband did a tandum parachute jump and invited his mates to join him if they dare!

  • mrsrhmrsrh Posts: 433
    Thanks for the ideas !!

    He was talking about not having a stag do as he said there's no point when he doesn't drink.

    Think i've now made him realise that he can still go off and have a good time, he just need to make up his mind on which to pick now lol image
  • My fiance isn't fussed about a stag do. Some of his friends have been saying they'll take him out and he's thinking of going to a really nice indian restaurant in London that he likes. He doesn't get to go because I don't like Indian food.

    I've suggested a weekend on a canal boat. He's always fancied it and it's my idea of hell! I think a stag do is like your best birthday in that everyone does what you want to do. It doesn't have to be wild and expensive.
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