Boudoir shoot in Kent

Hi, can anyone recommend a good boudoir photographer in Kent?

Im looking to book one, but a very small budget. I think i would rather not have it done that spend a lot and not like them, so would love to hear if people have found someone good in Kent area.



  • hiya, loads of girls on her have gone to but this might be a bit far for you to travel? Its near Manchester but well worth it as the photos are just stunning. Is Mighty Aphrodite near you? x
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    I was going to suggest the same as LouLouLeonards, but I'm in Essex and it might be a bit too far to go, but the pictures are AMAZING.

    There is a company called For Your Eyes Only and I think they are based in Tilbury Essex which might be an option for you?!
  • That's great, thank you, i'll have a look x
  • Not in Kent, but I am using Wickedly Glamourous in Southend, Essex. I booked it yesterday and am going in April - soooo nervous!!!

    There is For Your Eyes Only in Chelmsford, but they were more expensive than Wickedly Glamourous, who are doing a 3 hour shoot with hair and make-up for £99. You can then buy photos for £35 each, or upgrade to one of their packages.

    Hope this helps.
  • I can recommend Mighty Aphrodite - they are near Reading in Berkshire, so not too far. They have different priced packages, but not sure what their cheapest is. have a look at their web site It will definitely be money well spent! They are very talented and really friendly. I love my pics from my shoot and would love to do another one.
  • Hiya!

    I did mine in tunbridge wells - with FYEOportraits - it was fantastic!! The woman was fab!so friendly and made me feel so comfortable image

    They always have offers on their website - I managed to get mine for £29 including one free print! Check them out anyway!

    Message me or something if u want more info image I could always show u a couple of photos if u want too!


  • Donna1983

    You get married a month before me! when can you view your photos and when will they be ready? I take it you are giving them to hb2 before wedding! x
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