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Own Suits?

Hey all,

We have had several unsucesful trips to suit hire companies recently so was wondering if I could run an idea past you all. Basically H2B wants a more informal suit ie not morning dress, and the ones of this style that Moss Bros etc do aren't great for the price. We were thinking of asking all the Ushers and the Best Man to wear their own dark suits and then buy them each a nice possibly designer shirt and tie so the matched then H2B can splash out on a nice suit- Which he needs... although he might not think it!!!!

Do you think this sounds like a good idea? Has anyone done this and got any pics?


  • ls2blbls2blb Posts: 1,280
    Don't have pics but we are definitely doing this. Everyone is wearing a navy suit, with the groom in a lighter blue, and we'll dole out shirts and ties. Going to hit the summer sales for them I think!!

    Loved this one but its just too expensive... gives the look we're going for for groom though..

    Charles Tyrwhitt and T.M. Lewin do gorgeous suits that can be heavily reduced in the sale- spent most of the afternoon looking around for one for h2b, and he fell hard for one that they didn't have in his size, poor lamb!

    Moss Bros also stock their own version of Ted Baker suits, which are excellent quality and reasonably priced, and also in a sale right now.

    The blog quite often has own-suit grooms and ushers, so flick through there for some pics xxx
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    I have just been talking to my OH about this exact thing! We know for a fact all the boys have grey suits, so why spend money on something we've already got?!
  • we are doing this too - asking them all to wear grey suits and we will provide ties and shirts - we've also asked them each to wear converse image

    this means we can spend more on getting hubby a fab suit. Only two of our six ushers/best men etc havn't got grey suits but one is my little brother and my mum and dad will be buying him one and one is my oh's brother who is more than willing to get one image

  • we hired the groom 2 x dads and best man suits, then asked the 4x ushers to wear a suit of there own and brought them matching ties and button holes.x
  • katyh1982katyh1982 Posts: 505
    Cheers Ladies!

    Think this is what we will do. H2B has already spotted a suit he likes in Ted Baker (although ls2tlb like you it wasn't in the right size but might be somewhere else) The Ushers are my brothers and my parents brought them each a suit last year for interviews and the Best Man is a City Banker so he should have a few surely!
  • I think this is a nice fresh idea. We'd already forked out for suits in Moss bross when I decided I didn't think my h2b actually looked as good in the morning suits as he does in normal suits. So we've ended up hiring normal suits from them but with the wedding waist coats etc from them. In hindsight it would have been better just buy them all a suit for the money it's costing us. To add insult to injury I took my h2b shopping on boxing day to get him a suit for the cruise wer going on for the honeymoon and we got this gorgeous grey suit with a slight sheen to it in the moss bross sale. He actually looks better in this modern suit than his wedding one. Yyou live and learn...
  • PikelettePikelette Posts: 1,096
    Most of the coolest weddings I've been to have involved the guys wearing their own suits. Not everyone can carry off the "fancy dress" element of morning suits and some of the more weirdly cut versions can make everyone look self-conscious and downright strange. In this instance I remember my BIL who really didn't suit the light grey morning suit and pink cravat that was required for his daughter's wedding. He wasn't alone in looking faintly ridiculous, it has to be said and that's not a good effect.
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