Help PLease !!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone out there .

Just after a pointer in the right direction regarding

- Gifts for my best man and usher ..dont really knwo what the norm is ! How much is someone expected to spend ? Any ideas are gratefully appreciated ..

- Also.. any bright new amazing ideas that i can get my wife to be for the big day ..

Grateful for your help image


  • You could always get them personalised cufflinks or something like that. That's what we're getting ours image do some lovely ones but Ebay is also fantastic for that sort of thing. If your budget is higher, what about a day out go-karting or aerial extreme? That would be an awesome present (sod a hen do, that's what I want!)

    As for your W2B, a spa day would be lovely if she is into pampering.
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    I'v tried to get everyone thank you gifts that i know they will love, our best man is really into things like wine tasting and luvs real ales, so our present to him is an engraved glass tankard that comes in a gift box with a bottle of real ale. Sounds boring and predictable but we know he'l luv it. There are some great ideas on sites like the bridal gift box, hav a think about his interests and ur budget. We'v spent about £30 because our budget is a bit tight, but also bought his socks and cufflinks for xmas!
  • Thank you very much for that ..

    All ideas are good ideas ,

    Much appreciated ..
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    I had Spaceform glass tokens personalised (they engrave your names, their name,date etc onto the glass token...I had them off Ebay) for our 4 ushers and best man....They cost between £9 and £12 each. They were lovely and something they could keep. All five of them have their's on show in their houses, which is nice...

    So we had a glass token that had a large star on and had engraved e.g For my Brother...

    Our usher, Jay

    You're a

    (big gold star already on the token)

    Love Sarah & Arron


    Examples here : The best man one said best man and had a star...
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    We've got our best man a ticket for the test match against india at trent bridge next July. He and my h2b have been friends since school and still play cricket together now so we know he will love it. We will also be getting our photographer to take a photo of him with his wife and new baby on the day that we can frame/put on canvas for them.

    Wife 2B ... depends on what she likes, spa day, something to keep maybe jewellery of some sort, if there is something she has always wanted to do maybe a red letter day type of thing maybe good. I'd say start with a card though with your thoughts and feelings in about your future together. That would be better than any monetary gift I'm sure - men do that so rarely that I'm sure it would be something to treasure.
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    Ooooo for major brownie points...what about this for your wife-to-be : journal

    I did a Beautiful Groom one for my Hubby and he loved it so much....but if he'd have managed to find this and do it for me I'd have been bowled over image
  • When my H2B was an usher he got a paperweight as a thank you - looks really nice, although not my cup-of tea cus I dont like nick-nacks.

    Personally I'd try to find out if they have a hobby and try to get them something that relates.

  • Mrs Ashley ..

    Many congrats first of all ..

    And secondly a big thank you for the idea of the book .

    I take it if i understand correctly i give it to her and she fills it in ...

    Thanks for your help ..

  • Me again ... sorry to be a pain ..

    Couldnt actually find these glass token items that you mentioned .Where exactly do i look ??
  • Robin - no, you need to fill the book in before you give it to her. Think of it as a labour of loveimage

    If you wanted to go down the jewellery route, nothing makes me feel more special than seeing a little blue Tiffany's box - and you'd be surprised how little you actually need to spend, I got a pair of silver earrings for my MOH for £80.

    Spa days always good - also things like afternoon tea with a glass of champagne.
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    For groomsmen gift ideas take a look at:
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