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The Great Suit Debate??? HELP

HELP - this is really driving myself and my fiancee mad.

We had originally thought we would hire suits for all the bridal party, but it is working out at about £80 per suit. We need groom, best man, Father of B & G, Grooms man x 2, and 2 ushers. So that is £640.

I would rather put the money towards a new suit for my H2B. We thought about getting all the other men in the wedding party matching ties, hankie for pocket, and button hole asking them to wear a white shirt with the suit they own.

However my H2B is worried about how this will look in the photos especially photos of me and my father walking down the asle. The other option was that we buy them all trousers (2 pairs for £30 M&S) and get them matching waist coats and ties etc. Except one has a grey suit and other black. why is life not easy.

Help what does everyone think and does anyone have any pictures??


  • could you not ask people to buy the same suit as h2b? they will all have a lovely suit forever then. thats what we are hoping to do, just a nice grey suit from next and we will get matching ties xxx
  • We are having suits from Moss Bross as follows:

    5 x suits all the same including waist coats, cravats and hankies (groom, FoB, FoG, BM, usher) we are not having any page-boys.

    If you go to enough wedding fairs some of the bridal hire companies offer "hire 4 get 1 free" which is what we did.

    H2B then had to choose an usher as originally we werent going to bother due to the cost of the suit hire but as they are throwing one in for free we thought what the heck and have asked one of his friends.

    Personally I wouldnt like all the men to be in different suits. If I couldnt afford to hire and you think its cheeper to buy why not buy a cheep suit, white shirt and matching hankies and matching ties for everyone - some shops offer buy 1 get 1 free on ties and shirs (try some of the retail outlet wherehouses such as M+S at Clarkes Village as another cheeper option as the prices are much lower than in their shops as its all end of range or last season).

    I hope this helps.

  • Ahh! We had this debate too!

    My h2b bought a dkny suit, and his best man bought the same suit for himself to wear.

    Our male family members are all going to wear grey suits and have the same tie and buttonhole as the best man.

    We are aiming for something smart and modern, but not too formal with cravats and embroidered waistcoats. We think it will look nice in the photos when everyone is wearing a colour theme, rather than all wearing the same suits.....fingers crossed!

  • Yes, we're doing exactly the same!

    Neither me nor H2B are fans of morning dress or the matching waistcoat look, so we've bought him a fantastic mid grey 3 piece suit and asked the men in the wedding party to just wear a mid grey suit and we'll buy them all a grey tie. Have bought H2B a fab purple tie to make him stand out a bit. In my albeit very biased opinion he looks stunning!

    Having said that, I'm not one for the whole matching thing (no real colour scheme etc) so it's not something that will bother me, but can imagine lots of people not liking this route!
  • we have 5 groomsmen, and they are all paying for thier own. if u go somewhere like debenhams they do deals and mos bros will drees the goroom for free if u get 4 suits.have u asked if they would be willing to pay for them themselves ?gd luck x
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