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My boudoir Shoot

Had my photoshoot with Nicola Grimshaw Mitchell yesterday and I would highly recommend it. Despite every girls natural apprehensions its is fun and one point we was laughing away at the fact that I struggled to lift myself off the floor after a pose cos my corset was so tight lol.

Michelle who did my hair and makeup even dried my extensions and was happy to put them all you girls who are wondering if this is included in your package it is. My hair is VERY thick so it took some time to get my extensions in and curled but this was not a problem.

The whole experience was more relaxing that I had imagined and I felt so comfortable. It has to be the best present you can get for your H2B, best is I even had a pic with his Liverpool football shirt on and all i can say is I must love him because I United fan lol xxx


  • abkbabkb Posts: 313
    Thanks for letting us know, I'm booked in for March and I'm so excited! So did you just take your hair extensions straight? I want them to curl my hair and my hair extensions, so should I just go with my hair all dry and ready to curl, and also my extensions just ready to curl?

    Good idea about the footy top- I'm the other way round though- H2B is a die hard United fan whereas I'm a Liverpool fan!
  • poshpollyposhpolly Posts: 649
    well i was a bit rushed before i got there so mine had not quite dried, so michelle dried them and then she clipped them in my hair and curled them once attached with heated rollers.

    If you mention my name Pauline Donnellan then we both get a free print x
  • Oh wow!! Great to hear you had a fab experience!!

    Ive got mine with Nicola in 2 weeks and cannot wait!!

  • SoCSteelySoCSteely Posts: 188
    poshpolly, does she have a website? x
  • So glad you enjoyed it. Mine's in April so dieting and exercising for that at the mo. Can't wait though a little apprehensive. However, she does make everyone look AMAZING so... Will you let us take a sneaky peek at your pics when they're available?
  • I've booked mine already for next June!!!!! lol

    was slightly confused by her website, did your make over take about 2 hours, then ur shooot 1hrwhatever depending on your package?
  • candj - its

    mrsC2b2012 - my make-over took about 1 and three quarter hours and the shoot itself was about 1 and a half hours, so altogether (with chatting!) I was there about 3 and half hours, I had a package with 25 images tho, so if you've gone for a smaller package guess you'd be there bit less than that x
  • poshpollyposhpolly Posts: 649
    I went for the package with 20 images and the shoot and makeup took the same length of time. I would say be brave and bold with makeup and outfits....go for stuff you would not normally wear so the pics look dramatic.

  • Wow poshpolly!!!!!! They are AMAZIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you a model? now tell the truth!!!!!! You just look absolutely gorgeous and I bet your h2b will be gob-smacked when he sees these! I love love love the green corset shot where you're standing up, your waist is teeny (so jealous!). Seriously though, they are a great set of photos, not an unflattering one among them, just love Nicola's work. Keep us posted with the reaction you get when you hand over your album!
  • poshpollyposhpolly Posts: 649
    Aw thx lou for the lovely comments...and no I am certainly not a model lol!!! the green corset pose against the wardrobe was my idea cos I wanted to show the corset off. Its from Diva and be assured there corsets make anyones waist look tiny!!!

    My fella is bound to love the footy top let u know how he reacts x
  • WasMrsAshleyWasMrsAshley Posts: 1,042
    I went last July for mine with Nicola, I had the two ladies at the beauty salon do my make over. It took 2 hours 45mins. I took long extentions with me and it took her that long to curl them as most extentions are very overprocessed making them hard to work with ....the whole experience was fab and the album was so amazing my hubbie shows it to EVERYONE...good job I'm not shy x
  • poshpollyposhpolly Posts: 649
    NowMrsAshley I saw your report and postive comments about the shoot and that encouraged me to book and so glad I did x I think I will have the same problem as you with my H2B lol x
  • wow - your photos are fantastic! - imageimageimage

    I've already had my shoot with Nicola and she's totally worth every single little penny!
  • Wow! Love the one of you lying on your tummy with the frilly knickers and fish nets on! And what a quick turnaround!
  • poshpollyposhpolly Posts: 649
    Thx girls...yes had my shoot on the friday and my pic were ready to view 2 days later x
  • Those pics are amazing! I'd love to do something like this to surprise my hubby to be...but I'm down in the Surrey area so miles away from the North! If anyone knows of any similar service available down south please let me know!! image
  • poshpollyposhpolly Posts: 649
    thx mrs_short2b we are lucky in the north west to have Nicola. I would suggest you create your own thread and ask the question about boudoir shoots in other areas cos there must be some other good ones x
  • Hi Mrs short2b - have you looked at are near Reading so not too far for you image I went there and had a fab time. Love my pictures and Leigh and Zena are lovely!
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