Hi girls

I've won a free mini boudoir shoot with FYEO in Manchester which includes a 45 min shoot and make up touch up but only 1 photograph.

I've been toying with the idea of having a boudoir shoot but can't really afford to spend a fortune and would ideally love to book a shoot with Nicola Grimshaw Mitchell as her pictures look amazing!

Would you girls go for the free shoot with FYEO or spend out on a shoot with Nicola Grimshaw Mitchell? I'm so torn! If I decide to book with NGM does anyone want me to use their name as a recommendation and get us both a free print each? x.


  • hi

    i had a fyeo mini shoot done before xmas as a pressie for my fiancee- i couldnt afford other photos even though they were amazing. i had a great time, and i thought my pics were so good that i showed my fiancee when they were online. (only online for a few weeks) my free pic is very nice i just wish i could have got more because they were stunning. i say go for esp if its free!

  • I'm going with Nicola in March and I can't wait! Very nervous but very excited.

    I do think that if money is tight then you should go with the free FYEO shoot though - I mean, you can buy extra photographs (just make sure you know how much they are before you go - otherwise you could spend more than a NGM shoot just on photos!)

  • Hi Sarahs1982 - I looked at both too and ended up going with Nicola Grimshaw-Mitchell (MyBoudoir). I had a couple of reasons for choosing Nicola, firstly, the cost - although FYEO were really cheap initially, I knew I wanetd more than one photo and really wanted a lovely album to give as a gift - Nicola's total cost for the make-over, shoot and Album of 20 images was WAYYYYYYYY cheaper than FYEO for a similar package (Nicola £475, FYEO £1050). My second reason was FYEO are a corporate business and I like to support the small businesses if I can plus the service is usually a lot more personal! Lastly, i'd heard excellent reviews from loads of girls on here!
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    I'd love a NGM photo shoot but its hundreds of miles away from where I love, so I'd be inclined to go for the free one. Though saying that, why don't you just do both?! If its free you might as well!
  • Hi girls

    Well I decided to go for it and have booked in with Nicola! Yikes! Really excited but sooo nervous too. I think hubby to be will love it though and Nicola's before and after photos on her website are amazing!!!! I worked out that if I wanted to buy extra pics from FYEO it would end up costing far more than Nicola is charging plus with Nicola I get a full makeover - can't wait!

    Thanks for your advice girls x.
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