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How to present autograph?

Hi All,

I have got a Stephen Fry autograph for my H2B and I just wondered how did other present these? Did you get them framed?

Not sure he would have it out in a frame etc so not sure of which way to go


  • I got a picture and congrats letter signed by derren brown, I mounted them onto black sparkly card and then trimmed that down and then mounted that on plain black card.... i may frame it.... but atm i've left it, i may just leave it and give it to him as it is, then he can chose whether to frame it or not =)
  • Sounds good thanks!!!! xx
  • How did you manage to get the autographs? image
  • I just got e contact details from his website and emailed they replied saying he will only sign things so I had to type the letter and he signed it, sent the letter I wanted signing and a stamped addressed hardbacked envelope to the address they provided
  • can you give me the contact details for stephen fry please, my h2b would love his autograph.

    many thanks

    heather x
  • Heather, if you google Stephen Fry you will find his publishers details on his page
  • MrsHBarneyMrsHBarney Posts: 195
    I gave my hubby a signed congratulations cert from his fave footie club which I gave to him as part of my speech, I didn't get it framed or anything, just ensure it was kept safe until the right moment...
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