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Recommend a Boudoir photographer - in London area???


I really want to get my boudoir session booked but i am strugglng to pick who to go with!!!

I was going to book Mighty Aphrodite but they don't work weekends. Any other suggestions ladies??? Would love to book the famous Nicola Grimshaw but it's just too far!! image

Please help!!!



  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    MA are well worth taking a day off work- there's a reason they don't need to offer weekend appts! I had a great shoot there last summer & hubby loved the pictures....But if you can't do a weekday good luck finding a London shoot, it's great fun!
  • Hi Ladies, I want to get involved in this type of photography (currently only do weddings).

    Do you have any tips how to differ myself from everyone else? One thing is to work on weekends image any other tips?

    Thanks in advance. Michael
  • Hi Bridetobe100,

    I live in London and am also going for MA, decided it was worth taking the day off work for! If you do change your mind and decide to go with them, PM me and I will give you my name as if you say I recommended you we will both get a free extra pic! image
  • OzziesWifeOzziesWife Posts: 129
    I would highly reccommend travelling to FYEO High Wycombe

    Yes you will probably pay more for the FYEO name, and have the inconvenience of travelling to High Wycome but after going there myself (and travelling from Birmingham) it was worth every single penny and the day off work. I even ended up paying n extra £250 to upgrade my album. I've seen lots of boudoir pics on here and personally i think nothing compares to FYEO.
  • MrsRadcliffe1MrsRadcliffe1 Posts: 3,524

    I've recently done a boudoir shoot.

    Am willing to travel and very resonalbly priced, please have a look at my website image

    sultry photos are not posted due to bride to be's wishes.

    As you can see I am a bride myself on here and Im just trying to help you out before anyone reports me image
  • I went with the 'famous Nicola Grimshaw' at MyBoudoir - its SOOOOOOO worth the travel hun, she's just the best. I met a girl there who'd come up from Dorset and I know a girl on this forum who flew over from Ireland!! Take a pal with you and stay over, shopping's great up North!
  • another rec for MyBoudoir, like LouLou above its def worth the extra miles. I went last year and want to go again, pretty please x
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