Any grooms here?

So I have been lurking the wedding forums here for past week or so, and I have began to wonder if I am the only groom on these boards! :P Me and my fiance are taking equal responsibility for organizing things so I have been doing my share of research. So any grooms on here or am I surrounded by brides?


  • I think it's just you! Oh bless! I'm suprised you're not being bombarded with questions from brides with disinterested grooms
  • Hi there and welcome to the forum!

    My fiance joined last week and is often lurking on the boards. He has been really getting into and enjoying the planning.I think he has given up on posting anything else for the time being as it's dominated by females lol. It's very brave of you to venture on here :0)
  • If you need any help or ideas from the ladies just say!! I'm sure we'll be happy to help image
  • Mine is very involved in the planning but doesn't really seem keen on getting involved in the forums.
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    Welcome onelove!..enjoy the planning! image

    I think there may be a couple of male lurkers on here..maybe this will prompt them to start getting involved.
  • Have you ladies got any advice how to convince a man to take part in organizing a wedding? I have a feeling some of my clients could really use this advice. Please share image
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  • Past Groom here, would definitely recommend the guys to get as involved as possible... purely from an enjoyment point of you...

    Areas for guys to get involved:



    Grooms suits



    Order of service.

    Largely areas to pass over... flowers? bridesmaids outfits...?
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