Looking for a Pattern for Grooms ready made Scrunchy/ruffled cravat


Im desperate to find a pattern or instructions on how to make my Fiancee's wedding tie - It pref needs to be the ready made type, scrunchy/ ruffled, as I have bought extra material in the same colour as my bridesmaides dresses.

Any help would be very appreciated.

thanks x



  • Hey

    My mum made all of the cravats aswell as all the bridesmaid dresses following a pattern from john lewis, if you go to the sewing section, think its called the haberdashery and ask them for a cravat pattern they can tell you everything you need for it.

    Mine were the ones you need to tie but my mum found them really easy to do and you tie them just like a normal tie except you fluff it up after each step- theres a good video on youtube showing how to tie them.

    If you ask in john lewis they may have a pattern for ready made.

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks I will go there when I next visit the UK.
  • ElsaFianceeElsaFiancee Posts: 759
    google it. that's how I found the pattern for mine, which I'm happy to share, but it's a self-tie one. send me private message if you want it!
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