Wobble about menswear!

I sorted out the outfits for the men last month, but I'm now having a big wobble! I originally wanted a grey morning suit with champagne waistcoat and cravat, or maybe a sage cravat.

The hire place we went to had a lovely grey morning suit, but didn't have the perfect accessories that I had in mind. We ended up going for a champagne (but slightly shiny) waistcoat and a hunter green cravat and handkerchief, which was the best they had. I remember thinking they looked good at the time, but now I'm not sure if it's too busy with grey, champagne and hunter green and if the green is too dark for my fair skinned, blonde h2b.

Should I ring and try and see what they can do? Or do you think it sounds ok? I shouldn't have rushed into it- but the woman was making me feel like a bit of a bridezilla (which clearly I am!) and I just wanted to sort it out!


  • RRrr2011RRrr2011 Posts: 1,262
    I would go back and try then on again and make sure you are certain. You can always swap some of the colours around i'm sure.

    The colours sound fine to me though. You could always change the waistcoat to ivory or white if you are worries about too many colours.

    Your other option, which we have done, is to get the bridesmaid shop to make some cravats / bow ties from the bridesmaid dress material so it all matches properly x x
  • jolajojolajo Posts: 177
    That's a really good idea! Shame I bought mine online, that would have been perfect! I looked on the website for the suit hire, Greenwoods, and it had a tool where you could 'dress' the model in the outfit you've chosen- did not look as bad as it did in my head. It let me send a picture out to all the men, so I'll get their opinions before I ring the shop.

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