unhappy h2b

My h2b is unhappy with the situation regarding his groomsmen. His best man has been MIA since sept last year, we sent the invites out with all our details on for him to contact us and after 6 mths of nothing the bman got into contact with h2b to say that he lost his mobile and wouldnt be coming to the wedding as hes touring afganistan for 6 mths from march 2011.

Iv asked h2b what he wants to do and hes given up, he doesnt want a bestman nor does he want a stag do he just wants the wedding stuff over and done with.

Iv contacted my future mil to see if his dad can stand in. i want to do something for him but he feels so let down and fed up with it all hes really not bothered.

Can anyone shed any light or other grooms voice a opinion?


  • amylashtonamylashton Posts: 159
    I'm sorry to hear he's been let down by his friends. Why did he pick these particular friends, and does he have any others that might be a better choice? I think this has to be his decision and you should be guided by how he feels about the situation - talking it through with him might help, but I'd be careful about getting over-involved with solving the problem for him if I were you. I hope he can find a true friend to support him on such a special day.
  • Why wasn't he in regular contact with him anyway since he's supposedly his best man? image

    Unfortunate though it is, it's hardly his fault if he's in the army and will be in Afganistan!

    Surely he must have another friend he can ask, or family member? Who else was going to be invited on the stag do?
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