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Help!! Should H2B have "The One" feeling about his suit??

Hi ladies image

My H2B went to try on some wedding suits today, i thought he looked fab in the one we picked, but he is worried that he never got "the one" feeling about it like we get when we find the right dress!

Do your H2Bs feel like this?? or is it not the same for grooms to get this feeling about a suit & waistcoat??



  • elw378elw378 Posts: 52
    I'm not sure either really but what I can say is that my H2B did not want to wear tails at all, just a normal suit. However, he tried on tails and loved them! His face lit up, he looked so smart!

    Personally, I think it is nice for the groom's party to stand out from the other guests and luckily H2B now agrees! Hope your H2B finds what he wants! x
  • If he's not happy with it carry on looking, he'll find something that stands out for him eventually
  • they definately should get the feeling. my h2b has went and bought himself a suit thats only £150 cheaper than my dress!! not only that but he has bought our 10 year old son the same suit (at the same price) so they match. I think that its only fair that he should be able to feel and look good, after all its his day too. i also think its nice that he gets to keep his suit and doesnt have to leave it back to the hire shop on monday. I was not too thrilled about him buying our son one as well though seeing as he will have grown out of it in a year. but it will look cute x
  • SpecialSundaeSpecialSundae Posts: 3,029
    He should definitely be happy with what he's wearing. I didn't get the "the one" moment with any dress so I'm having one designed and made especially for me and so is G. He will probably spend slightly less on his, but then I'm getting four pieces in silk and he's having three in wool.
  • My h2b felt really special when he tried his suit on he thought he wanted a lounge suit but when he put on an Edwardian jacket he felt smart
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