Brown suit with tails???

Hi Ladies,

Love reading all your posts and think this may be my first! Wondered if anyone may be able to help me please. Trying to find brown suits with tails and not having much luck. First shop we went to had them but the sales assistant was so pushy and incredibly rude we vowed never to go back! Have had a brief look online and came across who have them but am a little worried that the distance for collecting them is too far (we live in St. Albans area). Any suggestions, thoughts and recommendations would be gratefully received. If I can't find them may have to settle for brown Edwardian but you know what it's like wanting everything to be just so on the biggest day of your life! Thanks so much everyone and looking forward to hearing from you all.



  • Hi my friend is having brown suits from a shop in Bedford (Hammonds) they had both tails and Edwardian and they are really nice. There is also Suitors in Buckingham and I'm sure they do brown suits but not sure if these are both too far for you.
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