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Let down on the stag do!!


I need your help please!!

My H2B is going on his stag do this weekend, it started off as 12 now down to 5! they are going Blackpool Friday afternoon..from Essex and are meant to be staying till Sunday, but on of the guys booked to go to New York on the Sunday as it was £15 cheaper than going on the monday...and he is the guy that is driving!! so he wants to leave at 6am on the Sunday guessing no one will be in any fit state!! now he is saying if deposits hadnt been paid he would cancel and they may aswel come home on the Sat...I really want him to have a good time...we dont get out much, have a toddler and paying for a wedding!!! what can i do to make it better?!?!? ideas please!!! x


  • Oh what a shame - does he know about this? I think the friend has his priorities all wrong! Essex to Blackpool is a long way so they need to make it worth there while.

    If they do come back early on the sunday you could arrange a BBQ and games, like poker for the boys and leave them all to it for a few hours? Hope it goes ok x
  • Blackpools great for a stag do as well! Bless him, I feel so sorry for him image

    Im sure once he's there he'll have a great be honest I think one wild night out in Blackpool is more than enough too- although this is little consolation for him at the min. Ive been on a hen there and the firs night was brill but the second night felt kind of forced if you know what I mean.

    They should just plan the main night out for the Friday evening, have big fry up the next day and then head out to the pleasure beach, stopping off for drinks, meals etc along the way. I bet they'll be wrecked after that (especially if he has a little one at home and doesn't get out so much). Then they can go back to the hotel for some boys time. You could make up a stag pack for them put in it anything you can find that suits the ocassion- playing cards, cigars, drinking games for stags, fancy dress bits.
  • Why don't they let the guy who's driving leave when he wants and the rest of them get the train home to make the most of the weekend?
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