My boudoir shoot with Nicole Grimshaw-Mitchell!

abkbabkb Posts: 313
Just wanted to tell you all how amazing my shoot was with Nicola- if you are unsure about having a boudoir shoot, definitely do it and definitely go with Nicola! I had such a great time, and Michelle the hair and make-up lady was so lovely. I'm so excited about seeing my photos, I'm soo impatient!

If you do decide to book, I'll give you my name and we can both get a free print!


  • MagentadazeMagentadaze Posts: 968
    Mine is in two weeks I'm really excited! Which package did you go for if you don't mind me asking? I've booked the petite but wonder if I should have gone for more. Also what did you take with you? Sorry to be nosy but not quite got my head around it yet.
  • abkbabkb Posts: 313
    I went for the petite too, and I did around three outfit changes, so I felt the petite package was definitely enough! I took my wedding underwear, shoes and tiara, a silver corset and thong, bright pink ruffley bra and thong, and my man's united shirt with suspender belt and black thong for a fun shot! I also took some nude hold ups and black hold ups. You're not being nosy, don't worry! It was so much fun, I highly recommend being brave enough to go nude too! Any more questions feel free to ask image
  • MagentadazeMagentadaze Posts: 968
    Sounds fab! It's so exciting. Did they advise you on what make up to have or did you choose it? I've noticed that some are more natural looking than others. I fancy the full on red lips but no idea what they'll reccomend.
  • abkbabkb Posts: 313
    Michelle the make-up artist asked for my ideas on hair/make-up, and made suggestions too! I went for a dramatic look image x
  • Hey abkb,

    I am just about to book mine with Nicole. very nervous but would really like to do so just gonna get it booked and then i'll have to keep to it.

    If you send me ur details by private message i will use them when i book if u like so we can both get a free print,

  • Hi I booked mine for April 12th and I am so excited!! Not sure about what to take either. I have bought a lovely ivory Janet Reger bra and thong set and have ivory hold-ups but I've also bought a veil and thought we could maybe use that too. I'm not wearing a veil for the wedding but we might get a cheeky shot with it? Just thong, veil and wedding necklace, pictured from the back if you get me? What do you think?

    I'm really nervous as I hate having my picture taken but excited as well!
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    Don't be nervous, it's a brilliant experience. I did mine back in Feb and although I usually hate looking at photos of me I almost burst into tears when I saw mine, they're that gorgeous !! It's been torture keeping from showing them to my h2b, only another couple of weeks to wait......

    Magentadaze - I let Michelle advise me on a look. She gave me bright red lips, sweeping eyeliner and thick lashes and personally I loved the impact it made, especially in the black and white shots. Judging by your profile pic that might be the look for you too.

    Enjoy ladies ! (and if anyone else is booking, PM me for my name so I ge a free print too !!)
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