boudoir - airbrushing really critical?

hey girls,

I am about to book a boudoir session, I found a photographer in London who doesn't look like it's a page 3 pic!It's a very similar style to what myBoudoir does.

However, she doesn't do airbrushing - which bothers me a bit. She did say she worked with lighting and poses instead, so I shouldn't be worried...

What do you girls think?

thanks a lot!

I will post this in the newlywed section too, apologies for that!


  • Hi, it really depends on what's important to you? I went to Nicola at My Boudoir and she specialises in a polished magazine look, like a still from an old hollywood movie (thats how my hub descibes me - bless!). I loved this look and as my skin is quite spotty and rough normally then I knew I wanted this disguised as much as possible without it looking completety fake. I also was carrying some baby weight and had a lumpy middle. Nicola was VERY clever to minimise this with the lights and poses and I also noticed that she's smoothed out lumpy overhang at the top of my hold-ups (hate that) but aside from that I still looked very much like me but only a more made-up and model-like me - i was very pleased with the results. I knew I def didnt want to look fat or bumpy so NO air-brushing would have worried me, especially for close-ups. Its quite a skill to do properly - I work with people who do this and takes them years to get to a good standard. A photographer just starting out may not have the experience? However it could just be that she is dead set against it and wont do it at all?

    I think its all down to personal preference, but I have seen some awful photos from some boudoir shoots, with REALLY unflattering poses and lighting that does nothing to hide saggy bits and overhangs - i'm not saying there is anything wrong with portraying your lovely womanly curves - just in my case I didnt want my curves to look wrinkly and saggy. I still looked my normal size but was very stretched out in bendy poses!
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    I have to say, I agree with Loulou - I would worry a bit. Does she let you see the pictures on the day? At least then you will know whether you like them and if not, ask her to try something different. I had my shoot at and the poses and lighting they use made me look great even without retouching. But my pictures still needed "finishing off". I had worn jeans to travel there and had lines from them on my legs that needed airbrushing out. Also I have a few stretch marks that I wanted removing and a number of spots that I would not have been happy to keep in my pictures! They also took away lumps from my underwear being a bit tight that made a huge difference to the pictures.

    I would be cautious about having pictures where they can't be edited. Does she have pics on her site that look good? If she offers you a money-back guarantee if you don't like your pictures it may be worth the risk - worth checking with her.
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