Is anyone thinking of hiring a sports car for the groom?

Hi there,

I am thinking about hiring a sports car for my fiancee, as a surprise, to drive to our wedding venue before the wedding, to the church, and on the way home.

However I am a bit worried as many sites say that they do not check the car when they come and collect it but check it when it gets back to the garage. What happens if it get scratched on the way back and we get blamed for it?

I'm wondering if it will be an extra worry on the day!

Is anyone else thinking of doing this? Or has anyone done it before?

Thank you!


  • i always have thought and had it where they check it before it goes out, and check it before it goes back. my father in law had a hire car and they did a checklist before it went out and then when they came to pick it up they checklist it wherever they pick it up, and he got a copy of the check list.

    i would ask each company you look at going with. because yeah it may be a worry, but if you go with a company witha good reputation then you should be okay!

    im using a sports car aswell except its my father in laws so hubby with travel in that image xx
  • Thank you, yes maybe if I just ask what the check in/check out process is. Have a brilliant wedding day! x
  • i'm hiring the stig for mine, he loves top gear and there are a few on google so he'll be picked up with his best man by the stig!! Should make for some excellent photos are he arrives at our venue image

  • I have! I've hired the Mustang Eleanor seen in the film "Gone in 60 seconds". I soo just wish I could see his face when it pulls up to door on the morning of the wedding.

    It will be chauffeur driven and he will only get to have it for around 3 hours in which he will get to drive it too, but he loves that car and always talks about it, so it will be worth it. Can't wait to see the photos!

    I thought I must have been crazy to do it, but now I know other brides are doing it, I feel much better! image
  • Do u mind me asking, how much it cost to hire a stig? My h2b would love this! x
  • How much does it cost to hire the stig? My h2b would sooo love this! x
  • I googled stig for one near me so maybe see if there is one near you too.
  • I've got a ferrari to pick my H2B and his best man up - I've kept it a secret for alomst a year now - cannot wait to see his face in July image
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