Ideas for presents for the ushers?

I don't know what we can get the ushers for a thank you present? I was thinking ties with their initials embroidered on the inside. This sort of matches the bridesmaid gifts which are handmade organza flowers with their initials embroidered on them.

I would like them to be silvery so they can wear them on the day. Can I find any? Nope.


  • I bought the groom and best man silver ties from debenhams, they were only £5 each and there were a few shades from silvery grey to shiny silver. I have also seen some in next but they were £12.

    You could then get these embroidered elsewhere???
  • yes i think as 19thaugust said i would look for the ties seperately and find some you love look everywhere and then get them embroidered somewhere different image google dress makers in your area they should embroider very cheap good luck!
  • ooh! good plan girls! so, 19thaugust, did you get yours recently?

    cheers me dears! image
  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    We got them all cuff links, hubby wanted them all to have cufflinks with the ace of spades on
  • corbanatercorbanater Posts: 147
    We got ours Cufflinks with their initials on.

    We found just plain silver cufflinks and had them engraved at a local shoe-repair place. He did them for £5 a pair and did a fantastic job!
  • NotYetMrsT - yes that was in the last month.

    Can't seem to find them on the website but they are Thomas Nash ties and there was a huge colour range in store. So much so i bought 2 shades and got H2B to try them on.

    Hope that helps image
  • emmamacaemmamaca Posts: 5
    I like the sound of cufflinks. I may pinch that idea myselfimage
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