my LFC garter

lfc no longer sell an official garter but i was adament to have one....this is the next best thing, i love it.


  • I have a football themed garter aswell.

    My H2B supports Liverpool and my dad supports Everton. And they are always making jokes about each others teams.

    So since I needed something blue... I bought an everton garter.

    Hoping my H2B see's the funny side, although I'm gonna show him til after we say I do. image
  • Mrs_Davis_2_BMrs_Davis_2_B Posts: 174
    ha ha, my other half would go mental!! lol.

    my garter has a small blue bow stitched in the back image
  • I like it! I have had an England Rugby one made up for me image
  • soon2bmrswsoon2bmrsw Posts: 520
    my sister had the lfc garter for her wedding a few years back as her hubby is a big lfc fan! x
  • Sueboo84Sueboo84 Posts: 87
    Hi Girls,

    What a great idea, my theme is red and white with being a Liverpool fan and so is my future H2B. Can I ask where did you get it from?

    Thanks xx
  • love the idea of football garters image I just had one with a little blue bow but on the outside, it was from Its one of my 'keepsakes' from my wedding, I love it!
  • MrsW_tobeMrsW_tobe Posts: 106
    That is fantastic my H2B is a massive LFC fan too, i am a huge Spurs fan. Haven't decided which one to wear or whether to wear both.

    Where did you get it from??
  • Mrs_Davis_2_BMrs_Davis_2_B Posts: 174
    ebay seller. its all made to size too

    you choose which ever theme you want. communication and service was great. i added on of my liverpool pin badges from a game we went to together image
  • Aw this is a great idea, my partner is a spurs fan, i've seen one on line for £6 but i'm not sure if it looks a bit tacky? I'm getting a letter of congratulations from Harry Redknapp to be read out at our reception so it would go nice together, so i will definately take a look at the ebay seller, thanks for posting this!
  • I got mine from ebay aswell.

    I just searched everton garter and bought the one I liked the best.

    Ebay was the only place I could find one.
  • Sueboo84Sueboo84 Posts: 87
    After this great idea I started thinking. So I got a red and white garter and also bought the liverpool pin badge that i liked (am going for Liverpool) and attached it together. Tried it on to make sure the pin doesn't scratch me but it doesnt...its only about £2-3 cheaper but i suppose its more personal.....i am sure if you pick the colours for yours and same badge it would work xx
  • Mrs_Davis_2_BMrs_Davis_2_B Posts: 174
    if you see my attachment this is exactly what ive done, i love it.

    i used a pin bad from a game we went to together
  • Quoted:
    I like it! I have had an England Rugby one made up for me

    Wer did you get this done? have you got a website? my H"B is mad on rugby league (leeds Rhinos) and england of course, and i think its a fabulous idea!

    Thanks xx
  • h2b bought me a newcastle united garter when we 1st got engaged in 2008 (wasnt overjoyed about it as not really a football fan apart from derby games but i promised him i would wear it on our wedding day so i will be wearing newcastle united on 1 leg and a blue and white garter on my other leg image
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