I've had my boudoir shoot!!

I went to Nicola Grimshaw Mitchell on Monday and had the most fantastic time! I mentioned in a couple of posts last week about how nervous I was, in fact on the day I was awake from 4am worrying about it!!! There was no need to, Nicola and Michelle who did my make up were so lovely and put me at ease straight away.

I got my online gallery today and I am thrilled with the results, I tell you that woman is a genius!!! I can't wait now to give my album to H2B.

If anyone is thinking of doing this, go for it. It was so much fun and it gives you so much confidence. I'm gutted now mine is over!!!



  • yay louby!!!!! gosh thats a quick turn round isnt it? Glad you had fun, she's just great isnt she! Dare you share? We'd all love to see!!!
  • What package did you go for??

    As was looking at this myself..
  • sarahs1982sarahs1982 Posts: 441
    Oooh how exciting! So glad you had a great time - I have my shoot with Nicola in a couple of weeks - eeek! Scared but excited too! x.
  • sounds like you had a good time! we'd love to see some purty please!!!!!! I had mine with MyBoudoir too and it was fantastic, so worth it and as you said a REAL confidence boost isnt it?!

    clare_jeffrey - def go for it - you wont regret it she's amazing - seriously. I had a package with 25 images, Album and make-over but my friend had the Petite package and she was just as happy.
  • loubylou1ukloubylou1uk Posts: 231
    Hi ladies,

    Oh if you insist lol!!


    Username louiseberry

    Password 130611

    Let me know what you think...I am delighted!

    Claire, I went for the classic package, worth every penny.

    absolutely stunning!!!!!! wish i could afford to have one xxx
  • Incredible! You look gorgeous! I'm half thinking about doing one of these, I know my boy would love it!
  • MrsSargentMrsSargent Posts: 212
    absolutely stunning!!!!!! wish i could afford to have one xxx

    Not that I've had it done yet, but I got a free offer from FYEO for the end of July. With 20% off pictures.

    Doubt it'll be as good as Nicolas - every time I see a Bride has gone to her I get jealous! But we shall see!

    Louby Lou you look stunning! I love the ones with the beads!
  • NowMrsWoodNowMrsWood Posts: 438
    Wow! you look amazing, was thinking about having one for H2B then saw the price, but everytime I look at her website I want one more and more, might just bite the bullet and stick it on the credit card! image
  • WOWWWWZER!!! you look A-MAY-ZING!! Loving the pearls ones too and the vintage one on the flag - gorgeous!!! Your make-up is fantastic too i love that retro 50'd look.
  • Wow what amazing photos you look gorgeous!

    Like other people I would love to have a shoot with her but soo out of my budget ; ( the more people i hear that love theirs and see great photos of hers makes me want it even more!! Maybe major saving up needed lol. Lizzy x
  • They are just lush!! Your husband to be is going to love them!!

    Are you giving them to him before the wedding?? image

    Love the one's in your bridal underwear, with the pearls.

    I think I better hit the gym a bit before I book mine lol
  • loubylou1ukloubylou1uk Posts: 231
    Aww thankyou so much for your lovely comments. Like I keep saying I would recommend it to anyone.

    Claire_jeffrey,yes i'm going to leave it for him to open the morning of the wedding. Also no need to hit the gym. I have had 3 children and have lost 5 stone and let me tell you there are plenty of wobbly bits, Nicola has done an amazing job!!!

    If anyone decides to book her let me know beforehand. If I give Nicola a name and then you book your shoot with her we would both get a free 7x5 print.

    Thanks again ladies for your kind words x
  • OMG louby these are just phenomenal! You look totally different but in a way thats still obv you - your H2B is goin to be tottaly blown away by these. If anyone is worrying bout price just seen a special offer on Nicola's site? There isnt anyone better than her so def worth a trip oop north!!!
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    I think you look fab! I had one done and had the petite package. I felt like that was more than enough because she made sure each image was absolutely perfect. So if you're worried about money but really want one I'd go for that. It's a gorgeous thing to own.
  • I did one that I got an special offer.

    I really enjoyed the shoot and FH was delighted with the pics when he saw them on line but now I'm not sure what to do with the the photos. Are most of youngest getting an album or are you getting canvases?
  • MrsBarnabyMrsBarnaby Posts: 102
    Your pics are amazing - love the one on the flag especially. For any of you girls down south who are on a budget, I got an email special offer from Mighty Aphrodite for shoots in August. You get the shoot free and then just buy the pictures you want. I went there last year and the shoot and pictures were fab. I've booked to go back again so I can try out some of the other gallerys I didn't do last time. Have a look


    You have to register to see the special offer or you could just email them and ask about it.
  • I was thinking of having a day trip to Brighton, and going to Studio 27 and doing a more 50's pin up style one..
  • ezz100ezz100 Posts: 1,029 New bride
    I just had mine too !! Thought I would capture my body while it was was still worth doing image

    I was surprised how easy it was...in fact I would say it was good fun. Can't wait to see the results!

    Mine cost £75 for 90 mins and 4 changes but the 10 page bound photobook is £150.
  • MrsS2be2012MrsS2be2012 Posts: 208
    What gorgeous pictures!! I have known from my early planning that I wanted to do this for hubby2b as a gift for the morning of our wedding but just thought I'd go for FYEO. Having seen these pictures I will definately be booking!!! It is a big cost but wow, how amazing!

    I am a June 2012 bride so I have a while to save some pennies yet image

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics x
  • loubylou1ukloubylou1uk Posts: 231
    Aww thankyou. I booked mine about 10 months ago and my wedding is in August, I figured once i'd paid my deposit I would save up and not chicken out lol.

    You will have a fab time xxx
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    may i just say you look lush image
  • mrshardie2bmrshardie2b Posts: 253
    Wow you look amazing, I wish I had the confidance to do something like that, H2B would love it! xx
  • Mrs MaynesMrs Maynes Posts: 601
    You look amazing! Gorgeous photos!!
  • oh my god you look lush amazing pics image
  • ezz100ezz100 Posts: 1,029 New bride
    Your pics are amazing ...loving the pearl ones too!

    I've noticed Nicola Grimshaw uses the same poses...does she give you much choice?

    I saw my photos today and was really pleased with them...can't wait to give my 'husband' mine - he gets the book just after the ceremony. It will have a label on it saying 'for my husbands eyes only'.
  • I just had mine on Monday and after seeing your pictures I can't wait to see mine. It was so much fun and I was made to feel so relaxed. I didn't go to any of the places recommended here as I live in Melbourne. I was exhausted at the end of the day....
  • You are looking so nice with the suite
  • Quoted:
    Your pics are amazing ...loving the pearl ones too! I've noticed Nicola Grimshaw uses the same poses...does she give you much choice? I saw my photos today and was really pleased with them...can't wait to give my 'husband' mine - he gets the book just after the ceremony. It will have a label on it saying 'for my husbands eyes only'.

    hi ezz - loving what you're having on your album label! Nicola does use some similar poses i noticed, i recognised a few of my poses in Loubelou's gallery - think its quite common with togs as they know what works immediately with your body shape/lingerie/and their set up. I had a big package with 25 images and Nicola had a good chat with me beforehand about what sort of look I was after and which photos i liked best on her site (that would be ALL of them LOL!) she then put me in the poses she thought would suit me best (i was a biggish size 16). I came with my friend when she had her shoot, she had a smaller shoot with only 8 images and she had a lot more involvement with picking out particular poses she liked/didnt like to do before the shoot. I guess it was cos she only had 8 and Nicola wanted to make sure her favourite ones were included.
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    WOW image
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