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Any suggestions for readings ? in the church

Hello guys and girls ..

With just under a month to go we are struggling a little for inspiration for readings in the church .Anyone got any amazing wonderful ideas ?

Also regarding my speech , any advice ?

How shoud i play it ? I was thinking of going with the flow and not planning anything .Going to be difficult as my other halfs family is Hungarian so got to try and keep everyone interested.

Any ideas gratefully recieved



  • Our reading is called the song of songs...

    I hear my Beloved. See how he comes

    leaping on the mountains,

    bounding over the hills.

    My Beloved is like a gazelle,

    like a young stag.

    See where he stands behind our wall.

    He looks in at the window,

    he peers through the lattice.

    My Beloved lifts up his voice, he says to me,

    "Come then, my love,

    my lovely, come.

    "My dove, hiding in the clefts of the rock,

    in the coverts of the cliff,

    show me your face,

    let me hear your voice;

    for your voice is sweet

    and your face is beautiful."

    My Beloved is mine and I am his.

    He said to me:

    'Set me like a seal on your heart,

    For love is strong as Death,

    jealousy relentless as Sheol.

    The flash of it is a flash of fir,

    a flame of the Lord himself.'

    Love no flood can quench,

    no torrents down.
  • We are having the short version of Apaches blessing. I'm on my phone now so can't copy and paste it but search on google for it. It's beautiful!
  • Hazel85Hazel85 Posts: 374
    We had Tobit, chapter 8 verses 5-8 - will post the words later, not able to get to it at the moment!
  • We are having a bible reading which is a collection of bits that talk about love and a poem by Pam Ayres - 'Yes, I'll marry you my dear' to make it a bit lighter! The vicar has ok'd it, but he seems fairly down to earth!

    "Yes, I'll Marry You," by Pam Ayres

    Yes, I'll marry you, my dear,

    And here's the reason why;

    So I can push you out of bed

    When the baby starts to cry,

    And if we hear a knocking

    And it's creepy and it's late,

    I hand you the torch you see,

    And you investigate.

    Yes I'll marry you, my dear,

    You may not apprehend it,

    But when the tumble-drier goes

    It's you that has to mend it,

    You have to face the neighbour

    Should our labrador attack him,

    And if a drunkard fondles me

    It's you that has to whack him.

    Yes, I'll marry you,

    You're virile and you're lean,

    My house is like a pigsty

    You can help to keep it clean.

    That sexy little dinner

    Which you served by candlelight,

    As I do chipolatas,

    You can cook it every night!

    It's you who has to work the drill

    and put up curtain track,

    And when I've got PMT it's you who gets the flak,

    I do see great advantages,

    But none of them for you,

    And so before you see the light,

    I do, I do, I do!
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