Anyone know of a boudoir photographer in Leeds/Yorkshire?

Hi ladies.. my photographer does it, but think i feel a bit odd about him seeing me in my undies and then seeing him again on the big day!!

I live in Leeds, but will happily travel a bit.

thanks xxx


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    Hey, there's an awesome studio called FYEO (for your eyes only) which is situated all over the country. I'm in North Yorkshire and thinking about getting pics done for my H2B and my closest is Newcastle. They do packages 'for him', 'for her', 'for brides', 'for bump' and 'for couples' and it looks really professional. Their link is:

    which will take you straight to the men's section. Hope this helps!
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    Hi, I've got a voucher for Rebecca Litchfield photography package (proffessional photographer of the year '09). I need to trade it. Long story. Probably best if you

    just look at the blog.
  • loubylou1ukloubylou1uk Posts: 231

    I recently had my shoots with Nicola Grimshaw Mitchell at My Boudoir. She is based in Ramsbottom but I bet it wouldn't take more than an hour to drive from Leeds. It took me an hour to get there and it was so worth it.

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    Victoria Ree photography does boudiour shots and she can come to your home to do it.
  • hi! I also had mine with Nicola Grimshaw-Mitchell ( - she's not too far for you to travel and is SOOOO amazing -loads of us on here have used her x
  • kennerturpskennerturps Posts: 636
    Ah thanks girls.. im gonna have a look now!! x
  • I've booked in with Andrea barratt, she's in Leeds and sounds very nice, she put me at ease when I've spoke to her.

    If you google her, I think it's andreabarrattphotography
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    I would definately recommend Nicola Grimshaw-Mitchell too. I had my shoot with her today and it was fab! Can't wait to get my pics now! Really can't recommend Nicola enough and Michelle who does the hair and make up for her was amazing!!!
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    I know two. My wedding photographer...type in Chris chambers photography into google. He's based in Wakefield area. The other is Charlotte Arliss
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    I'm from south shields in Tyne and wear and making the journey to nicola at myboudoir
  • I also went to Nicola at MyBoudoir - she's ace and the very very best IMO!!! I looked like a movie star, amazing considering I am totally NOT!!
  • Is there a train station near where Nicola Grimshaw-Mitchell is based? I live in London but am considering travelling based on some of the photos I've seen and reviews I've read on here image
  • sarahs1982sarahs1982 Posts: 441
    Hi girlies

    I went to Nicola for my shoot last week and it was so much fun! Got my gallery yesterday and my photos are amazing! Nicola is an absolute genius and is lovely and down to earth. I had such a great time and really can't recommend her enough!

    Giddy - Nicola has just started offering a drop off/pick up service from either Bolton or Manchester train stations. Her driver Gary picks you up and drops you at Nicola's house (where your shoot would be) and then he drops you back off at the station afterwards - massive help to me as I was on good old public transport!

    Can I just say as well that Michelle Sisson who did my hair and make up was an absolute star and made me look so glam! I don't think Michelle gets enough praise on here for how fab she is. She also does freelance bridal hair and make up too so she is definately worth looking up for any North West brides in need of a fab make up artist!

    Well I'm not feeling brave enough to show my full gallery but here is a sneaky peak at one of my photos - yikes!

  • wow, just wow (jaw drops image ) that photo is gorgeous sarahs1982 - look at your hair!!! You look so glam - bet all your photos are stunning hey? You're a pretty lady!!!!
  • sarahs1982sarahs1982 Posts: 441
    Ah thank you Lou I'm just hoping H2B likes them now! I'm so made up with my photos just have to keep them a secret from H2B for another 7 weeks but its killing me! ha ha. Can't praise Nicola enough x.
  • WOW WOW look absolutely stunning!!! your H2B will be thrilled!

    Could you be brave enough to share any more images with us?
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    I'm also considering travel from London. She says on her website it is easy enough to travel to and I'm thinking of doing the trip from London as the before / after shots on the website are soooooo amazing!
  • LadyLurker - the quality of the photographs definitely warrant the travel don't they !

    sarahs1982 - how long did the process take? Just wondering if it would be feasible to travel there and back from London in a day.
  • sarahs1982sarahs1982 Posts: 441
    I don't think I'm that brave sorry girls - it was hard enough posting just head and shoulders!

    Giddy - the makeover took about 2 hours then around an hour for the shoot so about 3 hours in total. If you could maybe get the train from London to Manchester and ask Nicola to arrange to pick you up there then you should manage it hun. You should definately go ahead and book I had so much fun! If you put my name forward when you book we both get a free print too!
  • LadyLurkerLadyLurker Posts: 126
    I'm about to book. Does someone want to give me their name to pass on as the recommendation so that you can get your free print (and me too!)
  • sarahs1982sarahs1982 Posts: 441
    Hi LL, you can use my name if you like, its Sarah and my shoot was 8 July at 1:30pm - that should be all you need! x.
  • LadyLurkerLadyLurker Posts: 126
    Which package did you go for? Not sure I need more than 8 images, but maybe when I see me looking fabulous I will want 18?!
  • sarahs1982sarahs1982 Posts: 441
    I went for the petite package were you get 8 photos but when I was there Nicola offered me an extra 3 photos for an extra £50 and I increased to 11!

    Let me know if you go ahead and book lovely if you do decide to use my name - I should say that my surname is Scothern in case you need that too! x.
  • LadyLurkerLadyLurker Posts: 126
    I have just emailed her and referred to "my friend Sarah whose photos you took last Friday" so hopefully that will be enough. I will let you know if she needs more information.

    I think 11 would be just about right!
  • Hi girls had anyone heard if Miss Boudoir is good? The website looks amazing, they are based in Manchester:
  • sarahs1982sarahs1982 Posts: 441
    Ah thanks LL thats fab and we'll both get a free print too! PM me when you know your date! You will love it you know, its so much fun! x.
  • bella21112bella21112 Posts: 174

    Andrea Barrett is in Leeds, look up Boudoir Superstar xx
  • sarah - LOVING your photo!!!! So sexy and sweet - your hub will be made up with his album !!

    make-me-a-princess - I looked at Miss Boudoir too when I wanted a shoot, she's good but SOOOOO expensive and I preferred Nicola's photos anyway - seemed a bit more 'normal' and un-modelly (sorry, not even a word!) and she has such great reviews everywhere.
  • sarahs1982sarahs1982 Posts: 441
    Ah thanks Alex thats exactly the look I was going for - lets hope hubs agrees with you! x.
  • kennerturpskennerturps Posts: 636
    How could I argue with any of that? I'm going to book Nicola. Xx
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