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Boudior shoot outfit


After reading all the great reviews of boudoir shoots with Nicola, I'm thinking of booking one prior to my wedding next year.

For those of you who have have one done, how many changes of outfit did you take and where did you shop for your gorgeous undies?


  • sarahs1982sarahs1982 Posts: 441
    Hi Giddy

    I went for the petite package and took 3 outfits with me. I had my bridal undies with white hold ups, a black corset with black stockings and a pinkie coloured corset with black fishnets - oh and of course my birthday suit! ha ha. Nicola has lots of props like pearls, veils, gloves, garters too.

    I got one of my corsets on Ebay for £20 and it looks fab in my photos! Oh and La Senza currently has 3 for 2 on all hosiery so might be worth taking advantage of the offer while its on!

    If you do book with Nicola feel free to use my name as a referral and we'll both get a free print!
  • Hi! oooo go for it giddy, you'll LOVE it! Nicola is fabby image

    I took black basque thingy with suspenders, a red corset with fishnets and my wedding lingerie, Nicola had things there that I used too - veils, hats etc. You def don't need to spend a lot, like Sarah says above, Ebay is great for fancy corsets x
  • Thanks girls image

    I'm getting more and more excited about having this done the more I look at Nicola's website.

    I really love the idea of being an old and wrinkly married couple and being able to look back at such special (and sexy) pictures taken at such an exciting and magical time of our lives.

    Am going to look at ebay now!! image
  • LadyLurkerLadyLurker Posts: 126
    I'm not looking at ebay yet as I'm hoping that by early next year when I get this done I'll be a bit thinner!
  • Me too LadyLurker (always the optimist image ) but just wanted to get a sense of style / price

    How exciting! I can't believe i'm going to do something like this. H2B will be soooo shocked!
  • LadyLurkerLadyLurker Posts: 126
    Mine will be too. In fact, part of me wonders whether in fact he'll be horrified that I would do it! I don't mean because he's a prude or anything, but I wonder whether he could think it was tacky?

    However, having seen Nicola's shots I'm not worried about that too much as they are so classy. And I figure that I'll get pleasure out of them and they'll be a confidence boost anyway!
  • I think the photos are so beautifully shot that no one could think they were anything less than beautiful

    And I think all our H2B's will be so proud of how we look and so excited to have shots like that to keep and look back on when we're old.

    Plus it will defo be a confidence booster if everyone else's pictures are anything to go by.

    Just need to figure out a little white lie to cover me being up in the North image
  • Hi, I am doing a Boudoir Shoot in September and so I've been shopping for underwear this week, it's very exciting!

    I would recommend:

    Boux Avenue

    Ann Summers (their new collection and accessories are fab, I got a feather shrug and fan)

    House of Fraser (online)

    What Katie Did

    Fox and Rose

    The Agent Provocateur Sale!(I got a bridal basque and briefs for £50, reduced from £300!!)

    I just need some killer black heels now. Any recommendations appreciated...
  • P.S. I know this is naughty but I was thinking about buying some items (not the underwear) i.e. shoes, lacy cover up/ robe thingy and then returning them to the shop afterwards as you are only wearing them to model in!

    I also found this great web blog which shows you how to pose sexy standing up and lots of tips on what to wear, how to prepare etc:
  • loubylou1ukloubylou1uk Posts: 231
    You will have the most fab time with Nicola. I had my shoot in June and my album arrived last week, it is fantastic. I got all my underwear from Next...I did post the link on here to my piccies a few weeks back.

    I took an ivory basque, black basque, a navy and white polka dot bra set, another bra set and black baby doll. Only the first 3 were used though. I took black hold ups and suspenders and some lovely ivory lacy top hold ups.

    Have fun xxx
  • Oh no MakeMe-A-Princess! What have you done! I'm now in love with Boux Avenue and Fox and Rose! This boudoir shoot is becoming very expensive!!!
  • LadyLurkerLadyLurker Posts: 126
    Hey Make me a Princess - good tip re Agent Provocateur sale - I also just got a lovely basque for £40 reduced from £225. Unfortunately, the matching briefs were out of stock, but I'll keep an eye out and as they are cream am sure eventually I'll find a match!
  • ammi123ammi123 Posts: 3
    yes they are .. i love too
  • MrsBarnabyMrsBarnaby Posts: 102
    I took a few different lingerie sets for my shoot, but ended up choosing more pictures without anything on to be honest! My lacy shorts like these were the best thing - they were really flattering. I went to and they said pants like that are best - the g-strings you get with some basques and babydoll sets really cut in and are very unkind.
  • I've booked, I've booked, I've booked and I'm soooo excited and nervous rolled into one!

    thanks so much to everyone for their tips on where to go for some gorgeous lingerie - I will be checking that out closer to the time

  • yay! go you! glad you booked, you'll LOVE it!! Have you seen some of Nicola's recent stuff - fabby! I want to do it all again. x
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