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My H2B is into his F1 so much and we live locally to Lewis Hamilton's family and will be having our reception in their local village hall.

It would make my H2B's year to not only have me (!) but to have a letter / signed photo from Lewis or any of the F1 team.

One problem - I don't know how to!

There was another post on here a while ago but there were no details image

Any help at all please?



  • MrsBlakeyMrsBlakey Posts: 474
    Hi, the only thing i could think of is write to his management team...

    Lewis Carl Hamilton

    Lewis Hamilton Motorsport Ltd.

    c/o Corporatec Ltd.

    32 St James's Street

    London, SW1A 1HD


    hth x
  • Katie8668Katie8668 Posts: 442
    I was looking for the same thing a month or so back. Haven't written to anyone yet though.
  • hi ya I wrote to:

    McLaren Technology Centre

    Chertsey Road



    GU21 4YH



    McLaren Customer & Member Service:

    P.O. Box 1284


    BD7 1WR


    but they sent a pre printed letter and to be honest I was a bit disappointed with it - it took 3 months to come too,

    I'll try wriitng to his management company image
  • MrsKG2bMrsKG2b Posts: 149

    Feb_bride2012 I just got a letter back from them and I have to say I was a little dissapointed too.

    I got a nice personal letter from McLaren marketing with 2 pre-printed autograph cards but they're not real things just a picture of each driver and a history of their achievements to date. I don't know what I expected really but the letter is really nice and the lady who wrote it has obviously spent 5 mins on it.

    Thinking about it they probably don't have time to do proper autographs and they probably don't want people selling them on ebay or something!!

    (but I might try ebay and see how much they are and put it together...!!!)

  • what's your letter like?
  • Feb_bride 2011 -

    In my email I wrote to them explaining that we had both been to silverstone last year, my H2B loves cars and got his dream car last year and loves it and I said that we're getting married in the village Lewis's family lived and I wondered if they could let me know how I could go about getting an autograph etc

    They didn't reply to email just sent the letter and cards to my work address (address was in signature of email) and addressed it to my H2B saying they were all really pleased he enjoyed silverstone, I had told them how much he loves cars and on behalf of Lewis and Jenson we wish you all the best. That was kind of it really and then included the two cards.

    Never mind!! I've done boudoir shoot for him now and it was FAB!

  • Have you thought about having the cards framed? My husband & I got married in a car museum and are massive F1 fans, and my mum wrote to Mclaren for us. She got the items framed and the best man presented them to us during his speech - they looked fantastic. The letter was in a plastic wallet on the back for the frame. Here's the finished article:

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