Struggling to choose wedding gift for my husband to be.........

Really need some help......

I have been so busy organising everything for the wedding I've just realised I have 4 days to go and haven't sorted my fiance a present. I think I had kind of thought he wouldnt be doing one for me so I was just going to get a crd, but know he's said he has bought me a pressie!

He is so hard to buy for, he is one of these guys that if he wants something he just gets it (within reason financially obviously). He is a techie geek and loves gadgets but really dont think thats personal enough and dont want to buy something that will be out of date in a year or so.

He rides a motorbike but I cant afford a track day, and he doesnt have a car licence so cant get him one of those racing days.....

he likes cricket but isn't interested in books/memorabilia only in watching it and i've got him a tour of lords before.

I like the idea of a goodie bag but dont think he be that bothered by it and he's not into slushy stuff so a journal is out....

Really finding this's the only thing I'm stressing about! I want it to be something he'll love but cant think of anything he wants that I can afford or sort out in the time I have left! (He's really not that fussy it's just after 6 years together it's hard to find something we havent already done for eachother!)

I would really appreciate any ideas......


  • Been scouring the net....what do people think of a 'learn to massage' workshop to go to as a couple?
  • icklekidicklekid Posts: 732
    Yep if he would like that sounds like a good idea. I know theres not a lot of time but what about a photo book of all your happy memories pre wedding? Could do amusing captions if didnt want a soppy one?
  • What about a boudoir shoot u could ring your photograhper and ask if they could take a few pics or get your best friend to and take them to Asda and get the instant prints get a nice frame or little album??
  • What about a hip flask (with brandy already in) for him to carry on the wedding day-makes for great photos! And he can have it with him when he goes to the cricket etc in the future. You could engrave it with the wedding date.
  • what about a pocket watch with the date and time of your wedding engraved on it? something he could keep image
  • moongate10moongate10 Posts: 218
    What about a watch or cufflinks, or some aftershave, calvin kleins? x
  • MrsSaranneMrsSaranne Posts: 448
    I booked a Casino for our wedding to surprise the H2B and his friends, really looking forward to it

    I also love the idea of the hip flask, i'm going to get one engraved for H2B and a nice single malt for courage on the day! image
  • I know it's already been said but 'pocketwatch'?
  • ive just asked my h2b and he likes boudoir shoot, pocketwatch or hipflask. x x
  • If he's into gadgets, he might love a leatherman multi tool - they're brilliant. Or maybe something (eg pen, cufflinks) engraved with the longitude and latitude of where you met or where you are getting married? It's romantic but defintely not slushy because it's cryptic.. image
  • How about a casino night at the wedding reception? Always goes down well image
  • how about a weekend away? for just the two of you sometime later in the year and make it a second honeymoon? doesn't have to be expensive
  • A hip flask in the shape of a moustache or failing that a guitar filled with porn always goes down well.
  • i got my husband a boudoir shoot, but i think looking back i should have got him something like a watch and had it engraved. that way it would be useful everyday and a constant reminder of the day

    x x x
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