Who is planning your Hen Do?

Hi ladies,

I was just wondering if anyone else has got to the point where they've just decided to take things into their own hands with regards to planning their hen do. My MOH (also my sister) said she would be happy to help me do this when I asked her to be a bridesmaid last year but so far she has shown no interest whatsoever in doing so and when I actively ask for her help she just seems to brush me off. The only thing she has done is to shoot down any ideas I have suggested (and therefore liked!) as being rubbish (probably because she just doesn't like it/want to do it).

The wedding is the 17th December this year and we're wanting to have hen and stags about a month before so in mid November - Am I getting ahead of myself wanting to start planning now? Or should I just go ahead myself and assume she doesn't really want to have any input?

Any opinions appreciated even if its just to tell me to chill out and slow down!

Oops! Sorry just realised I posted this in completely the wrong section!


  • gemskatgemskat Posts: 692
    I'm planning mine with my gay best friend, if I left it up to my sister then it would be in Magaluf in neon clothing drinking all night and sleeping and sunbathing, and thats not me. So I'd rather plan it myself, that way I know what I'm getting, and no surprises!
  • i'm the same really, i've planned mine with my MOH who is also my only sister but ultimately i've had the final say with what we're doing. At least you know what your getting/doing/going.x
  • My wedding isn't until next year and my MOH is already planning my hen!

    You need to give people enough notice to arrange child care, to get money together and to take time off work in need be, so i'd definately start planning it now!

    If you need to plan it yourself then definately plan it your self! Maybe if your OH isn't showing any interest, I bet a different BM or a friend would jump at the chance image
  • Hi,

    I split up my BM duties as I have a fairly large group of close friends. 2 of my friends are planning my hen weekend, it's been booked for a couple of months and is taking place at the end of March 2012!

    But then I do have super organised friends, I guess planning it now is a good way of ensuing people can come.
  • do0obie_xdo0obie_x Posts: 833
    I have planned mine with my mum! image it's on Saturday, I am having a big BBQ with lots of games and then into town later! I can't wait xxx
  • Mine is the 18th December! My sister and my H2B's sister, both of whom are bridesmaids are have been on the hen night duties since the wedding day was boooked! I havenet goto a clue what is happening, but my work friends keep telling me various silly things! x
    i planned my own, were going bournemouth next weekend, and going on a booze cruise and having a fire engine party and having pole dancing lessons. i know all the girls are talking together and planning some surprises though image
  • DSWEDSWE Posts: 80
    I was super spoilt - I did absolutely nothing and knew absolutely nothing about my hen do's! My MOH organised everything!

    For my first and main hen do 20 of us went to ladies day at the races (I'm mad on racing and dressing up!), had entertainment on the coach (including bingo and singing) and we were each given Pimms and lemonade on the way down along with a personalised goody bag with a pic of yours truly on the front - so funny! There was something for everyone including our very own best dressed lady award and banners for me, my mum and my nan. Along with signs for pregnant people and one friend was given sideburns, glasses and a pipe and made to look like John McCrirrick! When we got there we had a buffet lunch and wine, goody bags each from the racecourse, watched a fashion show, had our hair done, enjoyed the racing (where I had my pic taken with the outstanding Mr Tony McCOY!!!!), had an Indian meal for dinner then drank and danced the night away while listening to a live band. Awesome day and saved anyone arranging sitters etc for an overnight stay - excellent value for money too - although - I didn't pay a thing! Other half just gave me an envelope with spends in.

    Hen do 2 - was a local night out! Dressed as Chav's! MOH hired a marquee in the grounds of a local pub, organised for us to have a buffet, decorated the place with burberry and pics of me, and made me the most hideous (but fantastic) Burberry Chav Hen costume - it looked amazing - even included a veil burberry visor! Classy! Everyone looked fab in their outfits especially my MIL - hysterical seeing her in a cap and bright purple shell suit jacket with a lot of bling and my Mum in a white tracksuit! Then... My sister in law came running around the corner of our quiet local village with a buggy and doll dressed as Vicky Pollard! (SHOUTING "YEAH BUT NO BUT YEAH BUT NO...) She was amazing. Ended up drinking the night away, going into town and having dance off's with some guys on a stag in our local club. Such a wonderful night. Made by sister in law getting into character as Vicky!

    So there you have it - I did nothing, spent nothing, had no input whatsoever and had the ultimate hen experience as far as I'm concerned. It's all about trust and having someone whos willing to go that extra mile for you.
  • Mrs MaynesMrs Maynes Posts: 601
    Mine is end of July next year and it's already planned! I am in the same boat really I would have liked it to be organised by my MOH which initially she seemed fine with, but when it come to the crunch she said she wasn't very good at organising stuff (even though I had got a guest list together, prices and stuff to do already) all she had to do was confirm, collect the money and pay!

    I ended up doing it myself in the end! image
  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    I think they can be quite expensive nights/weekends so the more notice you give people the fairer it is and the more likely they will come. I would actually say if yours is in November your leaving it a bit late, so I would def start planning it myself.

    I have pretty much organised mine, but got a good deal. So its all booked and sorted. My bridesmaids will organise transport, games and anything else they want to do. Mine is the end of March, and has been booked about a month or 2 xx
  • My MOH is organising mine, she started looking into it as soon as me and her brother got engaged even before we set the date! I'm going to leave everything to her to do, as I know if needs be I can get my revenge when she gets married. She is so excited to be planning it, which makes me happy. Plus she's known me for over 5 years so she knows what I like and don't like, but tbh it's my last night of freedom so I don't mind if she goes crazy!
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    I'm going to organise my own so that I dont have to involve any rubber willies and the like image

    I'm organising everything else in our wedding so my hen do will be no exception! I know what I want to do and I'M GOING TO HAVE IT image

    I want a hen do that ALL my family and friends can come to and for them all to have a nice time, relax, eat good food and have a few drinks. I don't want cheesy music, willies, strippers, or kebabs or to have to exclude family members because my rowdy friends want to go over the top and be embarrassing (bless them). image
  • LynseyLLynseyL Posts: 2

    I just spotted this thread and wanted to recommend the company Hen Heaven- I have been a bridesmaid 8 times now and been in charge of the hen weekends and Hen Heaven have been great at helping with the organisation. You don't have to go all out and get lots of tacky accessories (although a few are quite funny), I have been on a number of different hen weekends ranging from spa breaks to burlesque classes and i have been to Marbella too, they were all brilliant and werent expensive.

    So would totally recommend taking a look at there website www.henheaven.co.uk

    Good luck girls! image

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