Just wanted to say that I had my boudoir shoot on Friday at FYEO Chelmsford, Essex.

I am so consious of my body (like most girls) and I can't believe I actually did some nude shots. I've just looked at the gallery and I LOVE them!

I've even allowed my sister and a BM to look at them which I never thought I would! I just wish I had the money to buy a book.

So really I was just fishing... if anyone is planning on booking a FYEO shoot, can you let me know as if I recommend someone I get a free print! They are in a few more locations over England, not just Essex.

And if anyone was thinking of having a shoot, but felt they were too body consious, do it! It is such a confidence booster, and I cannot wait to surprise my H2B with a "Meet me at the Altar" letter! image


  • gemskatgemskat Posts: 692
    I was thinking of this at their Taunton location. How have the pics turned out? Don't mean this to sound rude, but is there a lot of photoshop? Wouldn't want my celluite to be on show!
  • MrsSargentMrsSargent Posts: 212
    I was amazed! My skin is flawless!

    My bottom looks amazing and she has picked out the VERY faint lines on my tummy and enhanced them so I look amazingly toned!

    I look at least a dress size smaller too.
  • gemskatgemskat Posts: 692
    Wow! I'm debating to either get this done or a pair of Christian Louboutins. I'm still not decided.x
  • MrsSargentMrsSargent Posts: 212
    Ha! Love it!

    My sister just talked me out of buying a book, but then one of my bridesmaids asked for a look. Now she's saying she'll lend me the money and I can't let them go!

    Yep, I'd be torn too! Was just saying to someone else, I've been on such a high since I did it. Such a confidence booster. But then again, so are fabulous shoes!

    Oh! Do I buy the book, or just get a print!?!

    I keep going back and forth! And keep wanting to ask H2B for his opinion but its meant to be a surprise!!
  • gemskatgemskat Posts: 692
    I don't think I could keep it from him, I've already shown him websites and we've looked at pictures. Besides we have a joint account and i think he might question the money coming out!
  • I had a boudoir shoot last week and I should be getting access to the pictures tomorrow (yes it was a fast turn around as wedding is soon!) I cant wait to see the pictures and I hope that I can manage to keep the surprise though the evening of the day I had done it I was grinning like a Cheshire cat lol. I have loads of body issues too and I hate all of my body, however he loves it so as well as doing the shoot for him coz I know he will love the pics (well I hope he will!) I also hope that when I see the pics I may too feel a little bit better about myself! image Well one can hope!! image
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