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I'm making my own Beautiful Groom journal and I have some questions already which someone has kindly provided me with, however I need some more questions.

Anyone got any suggestions? I know that this is probably been done before so if anyone could point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate it.



  • xlaura7xukxlaura7xuk Posts: 231
    There is a post on this topic with questions about 20 or so have a look.
  • Any idea where this topic is as can't find it when I search, also if you could share the questions you've been sent already I'd be grateful! xxx
  • I too am needing some more questions for mine please and thank you!
  • What's a beautiful groom journal? image
  • It's like a scrap book of special times and memories

    Google oh so cherished, my beautiful groom journal, I think it is. Will give you a better idea!!
  • Does anyone know the post with the questions on?
  • Nope sorry! Could email you the ones I have so far if you like, might help?? X
  • I copied and pasted a list of questions from somewhere for my journal but I have no idea where from (probably another post!). Here's the list I have though... image

    How we met...the way I remember it

    What I thought of you

    How those thoughts have changed

    The first time you said I love you

    Our funniest moment together

    Why you are my soulmate

    Thw sweetest thing you've ever done for me

    I love it when you

    Aspirations I have for us

    You didn't know this about me

    The time you were most there for me

    The best gift you ever bought me

    Something you said, I've never forgotten

    The day you asked me to marry you

    The best part of our day will be

    My pre-wedding jitters

    Why you're perfect for me

    Where I see us in 10 years time

    The memory of us that I cherish the most

    If tomorrow never came, I'd want you to remember

    Dates to remember

    Your five best qualities

    Five things I hope you see in me

    Five things you can do that impress me

    Five words that best describe you

    Five things I love most about you
  • i have lots in an email for groom/parents/bridesmaids so you could mix and match

    email me and ill send them... [email protected]
  • MrsFaulkyMrsFaulky Posts: 6,671
    It has just made my bottom lip wobble reading those questions!! Thanks for posting, I really needed some inspiration image
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