South East/Herts/London Boudoir

Hi All,

Considering getting this done - does anyone have any recommendations for the South East - Hertfordshire or London.

I know Nicola Grimshaw comes highly recommended, but unfortunately it's just too far, so looking for any good recommendations in the South. Thanks G


  • MrsKG2bMrsKG2b Posts: 149

    There are a couple but they are really expensive. I think there is one in Hatfield near me but it's about £200 and you don't even get hair and make up done.

    I went onto Buy a and bought their Bridal Boudoir gift and it was £50 and I'm going to drive from Hertfordshire to High Whycombe to have the photo shoot (half hour drive).

    Its with that FYEO company that have had rave reviews and gok wan has said their good (so we obviously believe him becasue he says we look good naked)

    Also, at FYEO it's all women and I'd rather that than go to some london studio and find some 70 year old bloke with a fag and a disposable camera...!!

    Not sure if I'm helping much, happy boudoir hunting and hope you enjoy it!

    I've got mine in 2 weeks...!

  • pitsy79pitsy79 Posts: 22
    I had mine done in Reading. Mine was a groupon, but here prices are really good anyway. It was or if you look mg-photoart on facebook she has a page.

    I would defo receommend her!
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