Nicola Grimshaw Boudoir shoot - free 7 x 5 print

Hey ladies!!

I'm just about to book my boudoir shoot with Nicola Grimshaw at for next July! Just wondered if there was anybody out there who wanted me to give their name so we can both receive a 7 x 5 print!

I'm so excited - I never even thought of a boudoir shoot until I joined on here - my H2B will love it! image



  • Hi Nicola

    I have booked my shoot for the 18th April next year if u want to use my name that'd be great? It's Jay Holliday. I'm the same, never thought I'd do anything like this but I'm so excited now!

    Jay x
  • MrsAmyMrsAmy Posts: 20
    Hi Jay image

    I've given Nicola your name and we will both now be getting a free 7 x 5 print!! Eeek so exciting - you will have to let me know howw you get on!

    Hope your wedding planning is going well!!

  • Sorry Amy I've just realised I called u Nicola, must have her name on the brain ha! That's great, thank u so much! I know, I can't wait, I keep looking at her website all the time! Yeah I'm getting there thanks, going for my dress on Saturday! When is your wedding? Ours is the 2nd June next year, seems ages away still!

    Thanks again!

    Jay x
  • MrsAmyMrsAmy Posts: 20
    Hahaha to be honest I didn't even notice you had called me Nicola!!

    I'm getting married on 1st September 2012! I haven't really done anything yet except book the church and enquired about various things! I've tried on a couple of dresses, and managed to fall in love with one - the most expensive one lol!!!

  • Haha we're as bad as each other then! Haha it's always the way, sure I'll be the same! What kind of dress is it? I've fallen in love with a few Maggie Sottero ones so hoping they suit me and they're in budget! What package r u going for with Nicola? I can't decide between the petite or the classic so I'll just have 2 see how the saving goes! xx
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