3 piece suit????

Hey ladies....are/have any of your h2bs worn a 3 piece suit that isnt weddingy...i.e more modern. Looking for grey 3 piece suit instead of a prince edward suit....opinions? Anyone else choosing/against this? Cant decide! All we know is that we hate the curtain like mens wedding waistcoats! image


  • hamletta1hamletta1 Posts: 295
    Hey image

    Mine's the same, he wouldn't even try tails on! He has bought a navy 3 piece suit from the Charles Thrywhitt (sp!) sale, reduced from £600 to £250, and we are going to hire the other suits from www.formallyyours.co.uk. They sent a fabric sample of their navy suits and they match my h2bs perfectly, and to hire is just £57 each - its worked out well for us!

    A while back I asked the 'groom style expect' they had on here how to make it weddingy, and he suggested ivory ties, which I think we'll do.
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