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Nicola Grimshaw Boudoir shoot - Advice

I've got my Nicola Grimshaw Boudoir shoot coming up and I'm a little nervous despite everything good I've read. It's the silly things that are getting me nervous rather than the actual getting naked in front of people.

I.e. I have a fear of struggling into my outfits and ruining my hair and make up - serious how do you do a corset up by yourself? And I have no idea how to connect suspender belts etc.

In the pictures of her website, everyone is wearing lovely pearls necklaces, lace gloves, veils etc Am I suppose to take things like this? (haven't got my veil yet though)

Also my other half if picking me up from close by so will I have a chance to remove my make up and re-do my hair back to my normal do before I leave as he doesn't have a clue where I'm going?

Anyone been and can but my mind at easy re the silly things so I can go and enjoy myself!



  • GemNic13GemNic13 Posts: 534

    I had my shoot with Nicola and it was fab. I took a friend with me who helped me into my corset, but I'm sure Nicola would help if you are on your own. I took hold-ups as opposed to stockings purely because I can never get the hang of attaching the stockings correctly!! And she has some accessories for you to use in the shoot that are for the specific looks/poses she chooses for you (she plans the poses around the outfits you take). If you have any accessories you really want to include, take them and she will try to fit them in. I didn't take anything with me, and can honestly say that looking at the pictures it really didn't make them any less fantastic.

    Good luck and have fun.

    x x x
  • hi, I had some similar worries about dressing but Nicola actually did all my corsets up for me and even attached my suspendery things too - i hadnt a clue about those! She left me alone to dress as far as I could then popped back in to help. Also the veils, pearls etc you see on the photos are there to use - I used them and they looked ace!!! I also took a black choker that my fiance had bought me for Christmas one year.

    Dont worry bout make-up either, there were cotton balls and lotions in the bathroom - although I left mine on!
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