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Clay pigeon shooting

My partner is struggling to find things to do for his stag party. He is involving his Dad, my Dad and my Mum's partner and isn't a big drinker. He doesn't want to go away, so is looking for something in Norfolk.

He wanted to do go-karting, but it's SO expensive, he is now looking at clay pigeon shooting. It seems to be around £55 per person which seems like a lot. Has anyone else looked into this or got any other ideas (except paintballing!) which are outdoorsy and don't involve drinking loads.

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  • £55 for clays sounds pretty good to me. I go regularly and will easily spend £20 and have my own gun (and thats only for about 40 mins). A good place to shoot clays nr norfolk (think its actually in suffolk though) is lakenheath. Also what about an experience driving cars, 4x4's or tanks or something like that?
  • youngbride2011 - Thanks so much for your post. It's good to know that £55 is average. We are in South Norfolk anyway so will have a look at Lakenheath as it's not too far from us.

    Yes, I love th idea of experience driving etc, but it's the cost again, not sure how much people will pay.

    Thank you!
  • My fiance had his stag last weekend and they went clay pigeon shooting, there were 16 of them and they all LOVED it - I can't believe how much they've gone on about it! I think they paid about £30-£40 (in Brighton), but that was part of a stag package so I think they got a discount on each bit. They went through Red7 who fiance has just informed me are brilliant and he would highly recommend image xxx
  • Thanks Futuremrshanley, i'll have a look at them and see if they do parties local to us.
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