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Bright Energy Saving Idea

Save energy, money and the environment, making some simple changes at home and in the way you live. For home energy savings will reduce carbon dioxide (CO2), which helps combat climate change.

Over 40% of men in Britain C02 emissions of the energy used in everyday life, whether in the home, office or traveling.

Energy is needed in everyday life is generated by burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas. These fossil fuels produce greenhouse gases that harm the environment and contributing to climate change.

The average household creates about six tons of British C02 a year, but you can make your home more efficient could reduce annual emissions of about a year and a half tons, with an average savings of £ 340

A simple way to save energy and money to be a little 'more careful with water. The bathroom can be used for more than a hundred liters of water during a shower use only one third of this amount. Take a shower instead of a bath uses less water and therefore require less heat too.

Simply repairing leaks and water drops will reduce consumption and turn off the tap when brushing your teeth. Touching A. The application of the waste for more than six liters per minute to turn it off when not in use really makes a difference

When you're in the kitchen, you can save water and electricity to boil enough water in the boiler of a cup of tea or coffee you make.


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