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Moss Bros Fail

Hi girls

Went to pick up the boys' waistcoats last night from Moss Bros and, sure enough, H2B's waistcoat is way too small. We queried why as he had been measured up as a Medium and their response was that the measurements were correct but the garment was wrong (a smallish medium apparently!). So now they've ordered a large to "make sure it's big enough one way or another"!!! WTF, is that meant to make us feel confident it's going to fit?!

They also said it 'might' arrive on Monday but if not would definitely be in by Thursday. We get married on Friday.

So anyway, I'm not having that so we nipped to Debenhams and just bought new waistcoats (we only needed two so it's not the end of the world).

Just thought I'd let you all know as the service was terrible, they showed no concern for the fact that it's a WEDDING - so pretty important to get it right - and they just didn't seem to have a clue what they were doing! Basically, I wouldn't recommend Moss Bros to any bride now and I wish someone had told me that a couple of months ago.



  • Thanks for the heads up, mind you we went shopping for a suit for H2B, not our wedding suit, just a normal suit, and Moss Bros was the worst place for service
  • Just for balance, we had a fantastic experience with Moss. Efficient, great suits, great service, great price.
  • I have heard this before on numerous occasions.

    We went into Moss a few months ago and the service was terrible, we went to a wedding fayre the other day and found an indepenent suit company and we are now going with them as the suits are of much better quality, cheaper and H2B was treated so much better so we have gone with them instead. image
  • Hi

    My H2B and I went to their store a few days ago and must say we weren't impressed with their service either. Our wedding isn't until 2013 and they basically said isn't it a bit early. Then wanted to send us to London to look at one suit that they didn't stock in the current shop. Thought 'I dont think so'...
  • Ahh - don't say this we've ordered our suits from Moss Bros. Although we've had a few friends use them and they've been fine. Fingers crossed it all gets sorted for you (I'd definitely have a little complain after the wedding if they don't get it sorted!)xx
  • I'm sure everyone will have had different experiences of them, just thought I'd post a bit of fair warning (should probably also have said that this is the Milton Keynes store). xxx
  • H2b is using moss, after several recommendations from his mates who have used them with no problems (these are the chichester and portsmouth stores) but this has left me a bit concerned, as he's planning to hire whole suit from them lol!
  • Hello, we didn't have a very good experience with Moss Bros either and their customer service (in the Bromley store) was terrible, telling us that our wedding in August was "too far away and may change(!)".. So last Sunday we ordered the suits with Austin Reed in Bluewater who were brilliant. We know lots of people who have used Moss with no problems at all, but I guess its just luck of the store! I'm glad it worked out in the end for you FutureMrsHanley and have a brilliant wedding day! x
  • Ah thanks MrsNoble2bexxx, it's all feeling a bit surreal at the moment! image xxx
  • Moss bros were really good when my sister got married but when sister in law to be got married they made a right royal mess of their order. These were 2 different stores though. When we went in to look last month they didn't even ask if they could help and we left the store saying there was no way we are using them.
  • I have got all of our mens suits from there and i am sure when my h2b was trying on waistcoats he was an extra large and even that was a little bit snug, yet when him and his best man came back from placing the order they were both large (they arent even the same size)!!

    Oh well - we will see what happens when we pick them up - only 3 weeks to go!
  • SarahMor84SarahMor84 Posts: 1,493
    We used Austin Reid and they were very good although we only hired the cravats and bought everything else.

    Everything was perfect apart from H2B's legs not being altered enough however I did say to him to try them on as soon as he got them to make sure there were no problems but he left it until a week before and then there was a mad panic image
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