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Getting married on my other halfs birthday 10th August 2012. Ideas for surprises?

Hi all,

I've hit a dead end with what to surprise him with on his birthday.

I was thinking maybe birthday cake along side the wedding cupcakes...

As well as maybe a boudoir shoot photo as a present, but then i want to get him something that he can actually tell people about when they ask what he got for his birthday.

Another idea was a watch i saw a while ago, that opens up to a photo like a locket. I thought about putting a photo of his parents in there, as he lost his dad at 10, and his mum at 20 (he's 30 now, 31 on the big day). Cannot find any watch like this now though.

What are your thoughts bride and grooms to be? I welcome all ideas. xx


  • ooo do a boudoir shoot!! I did and my hub just loved his photos. My pics were dead tasteful, more like a glam portrait book than anything dead sexy, knew he's appreciate a more classy look. in fact my album is currently on our coffee table and he shows everyone who walks in the door! it shows that you've done something just for him, to set it apart from all the wedding stuff - he'll love it!

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  • Hiya

    Im a photographer based in Wiltshire/Hampshire but cover the whole of the UK I do a lot of Boudoir shoots and it really is a great experience and your hubby would be over the moon with the results it is especially nice to have the shoot in your bridal underwear as a treasured memory. You could also think about what he is into fave hobby etc maybe sort out his fave car or similar depending on budget you can hire super cars now.

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  • How about a Grooms/Birthday cake, something to do with things he loves and is interested in???
  • We both love f1... but he doesn't really have a favourite team or driver at the moment.

    I didn't think to wear bridal underwear, will definately be doing that now. I just need to squirrel away the money for it. (Am a student and the wedding money is coming out of a joint account from a house sale) Might have to get a secret job.

    I'm in Ramsgate, Kent, and i think there is someone that does it in nearby Margate for £400 for one photograph to take home. Is this the average price for such a thing?
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