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Hi all,

I was wondering if you anyone has any advice. I have a boudoir bride photoshoot next Saturday (OMG) I have only had to pay £30 so far so if I do change my mind its not the end of the world. My concern is I have a lot of stretch marks (more wrinkles for some reason), a large bum considering the size of me (im petite) and I struggle to fill a size 32a bra!!! The boobs is my biggest problem. I love my little girl to pieces but my already non existent boobs became even flatter after 7 months of breast feeding(pretty much sags of skin now...sorry for the horrible thought). So my problem is that Im worried im wasteing my money and the photos are going to be awful. Im also worried about having to do the shoot in the first place, im really uncomfortable. Has any other flat chested brides/brides to be done a shoot?


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    I haven't had one done but am thinking about it.

    I would imagine (and hope) that a decent ohotographer would be able to hide bits of the body that you dont like and emphasise those that you are happy with. I think that we all have bits of ourselves that we hate- like you I have hardly any bust, a wobbly tum and am quite pear shaped. I would speak to your photograper and make them aware of what you do and do not want.

    Maybe the best idea would be to have a play around with underwear and see what looks best and what you feel most comfortable with. I have a fab corset that makes me look like I have an hourglass figure by pulling in my waist and pushing up my boobs so maybe an idea. Other than that, what about some pics in a white men's dress shirt (sexy but covered) or using a feather boa to hide bits.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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    I've had a boudoir photo shoot recently and I can honestly say it boosted my body confidence massively. Don't worry about wrinkles and stretch marks - I have loads and you couldn't see any in the photos.

    I was told push up corsets with frills and ruffles can make your chest look bigger because of the way they sit on your body. And you can get them on e-bay really cheaply.

    I've got stretch marks on my stomach and thighs so I went for corset / basque and stockings which covered most bits up. Also I felt more covered up that way and felt more relaxed.

    I had mine with Nicola Grimshaw-Mitchell (she is amazing) and she had loads of props to cover bits up with!

    One thing I would say is go for it. The experience has made me feel amazing!

    Good luck.
  • hi, I'm the Boudoir photographer MrsSv2B mentions above so I will give you some advice from a pro's point of view if it helps at all!

    I have photographed many many girls with your exact body shape and they all looked gorgeous. My advice to you would be to cover your middle totally with a basque or corset. A corset will puish up your boobs but ONLY if you get a smaller size one, go down from your usual size and have your photographer or friend lace it REALLY tightly across your chest - this gives great high boobs even if you've hardly got any! If you go for a basque get one in a smaller cup size - again this gives great cleavage especially when lying down and I always then edit away any bulges at the side or back caused by the tight fit. I've seen some great cheap corsets on ebay and some come with a really cute net tutu skirt - sounds weird but looks so cute on the photos!

    You really mustnt worry too much - leave the planning to your photographer, they will be experts (hopefully!) at posing and lighting you to show you off at your best. My biggest problem with smaller boobs is gaping cups when you're lying down, this is almost impossible to rectify with editing but if you follow the smaller size rule above then you'll have this cracked.

    Boudoir is a great confidence booster, not only is the shoot a lot of fun, the resulting images will leave a big smile on your face for a long time to come! You are literally no different from any other girl (including me!) that comes to me for a shoot - they all think they are totally unphotogenic and have faces/bodies that i just couldnt possibly work with - of course this never proves to be the case!!! Enjoy yourself - you deserve it!
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    Hi, I had a boudoir shoot at Venus, near Nottingham and it was a fantastic experience. I couldn't leave this thread without adding a couple of points from my perspective. Reading your post made me feel really sad as I have, as long as I can remember, suffered with similar body issues. The photoshoot experience gave me a really unexpected major confidence boost. I took away a lot more than I ever thought I would. I didn't realise I could feel that much better about certain areas. I'll add that I was nervous about the idea of it but if you have a feeling you would like to do it then go for it. My advice would be to look at the websites of photographers and see if you like their work and pick one you like. It is important that they can answer any questions that you have and that you have confidence in them. Other websites I like include Nicola's My Boudoir and Mighty Aphrodite. But it does get addictive due to the confidence boost and I don't think I would ever have said that before going!

    Also, just to add, although it can be good to hide bits that you are not confident with, one of the things I loved about my shoot is that in the end I was actually brave enough to show the bits I didn't like and the photos came back and they were fantastic! I couldn't believe it was me and it made me see myself in a much more positive light. That was where a lot of the major confidence boost came from for me. Good luck and I hope that you will find the right option for you.
  • Hi

    I had a shoot done with mighty aphrodite and they were amazing i thought i would burst into tears before i walked in. i am the same as you have extremely small boobs and they have absolutely no fullness ( chiuldren are a pain) but i have to be honest the pictures were amazing there was a lot of lighting tricks used on mine so there was shadows cast across my body so new stretch marks could be seen. It was good and great for your confidence. if i am completely honest there are some pictures that i find difficult to look at because i am so small in the boob area, for example when i am lieing down they tend to disapear. However my OH loved all of them and couldnt understand why i was so critical. I would say go for it it really puts everything inperspective and he will love it we are much harsher on ourselves than anybody else. I also thought i had a huge bum but it actually looks great in the pics i think when your small on top you automatically think your bums
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