Buying a suit

My fiance wants a plain black suit (the kind you may where to a funeral lol no frills) bought not hired (he doesn't like the idea of someone else having worn it) that costs as little as possible. Any ideas where i can get one?

This may sound unusual but he wants to keep it simple and says no one will be looking at him anyway i have tried to explain that they will but he wants simple and if thats what he wants then i am happy for him to wear that.... I won't tell you what I've agreed he can wear on his feet as you probbably won't believe it...x


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    Lipman's, London. I think it's mostly ex-hire, though.
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    Marks and Spencers?? I don't know how small the budget is...

    M&S do good suits for not too much money, actually Tescos do suits too don't they? But not sure how cheap you want...

    Or wait unti xmas sales and try then?

    I want to know what he's wearing on his feet now... image x
  • Try John Lewis or House of Fraser, or Savoy Taylor's Guild. All do a good variety at a range of prices. Alternatively, there's a website called A Suit That Fits that start about £200? Not used them though (also desperate to know about shoes!)

  • I am also buying my dads suit rather than hire as H2B will be wearing a kilt. I want to spend as little as possible and i found some reasonably priced ones in BHS, Jacket and Trousers were £69 - £99

    Really want to know about the shoes too!!

  • Thanks for all your help I will be definately dragging him round the sales image ..... so the shoes.... he has said the one thing he wants to wear on the day is a brand new...brightly coloured pair of ... addidas original trainers... You are probably all thinking i have lost the plot for agreeing to this... but it is his day to and on any other day you would not see him without a pair on so I'm happy to agree as i think it will be nice to look back on the pics and see that even on his wedding day he still has the same shoes on.... so am insane... would you allow it image ???
  • Asda's were pretty good when we were buying a cheap suit for h2b for a funeral. I'm sure we didn't spend more than £40.
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    Yeah I'd allow it, I totally agree - it's his day too! Why not? And he would get to wear them all the time after... Bonus!

    Although I'd probably insist on smart shoes for the ceremony - esp as we're having a church wedding...
  • We are having our ceremony at the hotel everything at the one place so i guess it makes no difference to us and yes definately a abonus that he can wear them afterwards as he would never wear smart shoes again lol x
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